Ideas & Alternative Fillers for Party Bags

Most supermarkets have a huge range of fillers for party bags. If you want to avoid bags of cheap rubbish or would like some different ideas, read on...

A party bag is a way of saying thank you, add a gift tag to each bag or a small note saying 'thank you for coming to my party'.

fillers for party bags

Give out empty party bags as the children arrive, you can write their names on. As they play the games they can fill up the bags with sweets or small toy as prizes.

Instead of sweets for prizes how about miniature football trophy's or medals. Most large supermarkets sell plastic ones.

Hide sweets or small toys around the house, I like to use chocolate coins that look like treasure. Then give each child a party bag and send them on a treasure hunt.

Add glittery confetti to each party bag to make it that bit 'extra special'

Instead of cake, bake a batch of fairy buns and write each child's name on them to pop in the party bags.

Modelling balloons are a cheap and fun fillers for party bags, that will be enjoyed after the party. Google 'balloon modelling instructions' and pop in instructions on modelling something simple with a single balloon such as a sword or dog. A word of caution, modelling balloons shouldn't be given to children under 8 in case they choke on them.

Buy each child a ceramic mug which they can decorate at the party with ceramic painting supplies. Then fill it with small treats and wrap in cellophane to take home.

Get the kids involved home baking some chocolate crispies or sweets to add to the bags

gift bag ideas

Give a gift instead. For girls you could wrap a small quality gift such as hair accessories or make up. For boys give them all a football or small kite to take home. You could base the gift on the theme of the party, or even get each child a personalised gift such as a mug.

Alternatively wrap up quality gifts and have a 'lucky dip' type bin, each child has to pick 1 surprise gift.

Bubbles make good fillers for party bags. The small champagne bottle types you get at weddings are fun. Also small tubs of play dough are cool gift bag ideas. Or buy a large tub of play dough and several cutters for the kids to cut there own shape to take home.

Instead of party bags use paper bags decorated with stickers or potato prints. Tie up sweets with coloured cellophane and ribbon for an attractive look.

Is the birthday close to some other event or theme? For example Easter eggs or chocolate easter bunnies bunnies could be given for Easter birthdays instead of gift bag ideas. An advent calender for a late November birthday.

A bag of chocolate spiders or pumpkins for Halloween birthdays

A small flower pot, which the children can decorate and plant with a seed, such as a flower, carrot or strawberry. This makes a lovely alternative to a party bag filler to take home and nurture.

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