A Fairy Tale Party

One of the most fun and creative parties for girls is a Fairy’s Fairy tale party. Not only can you do this as inexpensive or expensive as you’d like, but the girls get to be creative, design costumes and also play dress up. It is absolutely one of the most fabulously fantastic parties for girls. Here are five “F’s” for a fantasy party.


Fairy Crafts for Girls

One thing that is always in a fairy tale party is a festival. Unfortunately the main character has to be dressed appropriately for the festival. That is why when the girls arrive; you can have a crafting section available for them with everything they need for fairy wings and crowns.

By searching craft stores, sites like Amazon or even Halloween sale shops, you can usually find fairy tale party wings for a couple of dollars a piece. Then you just need to buy decorations like rhinestones, spray paints or airbrush kits (which should be used by an adult only), feathers, glitter (if you don’t mind a mess) and other fun things to decorate their fairy tale party wings with.

To top it off, you can do paper plate crowns or if you are able to spend a bit more, you can go to a party store and buy party favor tiaras for the girls. Next, you have them change into their footed pajamas or favorite fairy tale party pajamas, put on their wings and tiaras and then you have a parade to the festival. You can make it even more fun by having the Moms and Dads upstairs or outside the front and side of the house to watch and cheer as the girls walk by.

Food fit for a Fairy

Fairies like sugar and sweet things, so this is one of the most fun next things to do. Either buy or premake sugar cookies, cupcakes and other treats and then have colored sugar crystals, sprinkles, candied characters from Disney or others and patterns that the girls can paint icing on with. Then let them each decorate a few of the desserts and then put them aside for later so the icing has time to dry and the cookies can finish baking, depending on the patterns, etc… (You can also have each of the kids decorate one cookie and tell them to write their name in icing on it. Then put them all in a basket and that can be used as a prize for the winner of the festival contest.)


You cannot have a fairy tale party without festivities. One of the favorite in the kingdom is fairytale charades. Break the girls up into teams and have them sit in groups. Now, take 10 or 20 favorite fairy tales and put them in a basket. Then, have the girls pick one out of the basket and let her choose one prop from a prop basket to use.

If her team can guess the fairy tale within 2 minutes or 5 minutes, then they get a point. If they don’t guess it but the other team does, then that team gets a point. Also, keep track of who got the answer correct and give them 1 point for each correct one.

Fairy Theatre

Now that the girls have acted out their favorite stories, it’s time to watch the professionals do it. Have the girls vote to watch on the TV or have the winner of charades read one or two to the group. As they are watching you can let each of the girls pick one of the desserts they decorated earlier in the day. This will also give you time to clean up and get the room ready for the fairy frenzy.

Fairy Frenzy

This is one of the most fun ways to end the night. Not only do the girls get worn out, but they pass out when it is over. Set up an obstacle course for them to have to run like a relay race. You can also get the neighbors involved and make it a scavenger hunt. Not only will the girls have to complete the obstacle course, but who ever finished first and has the most fairies from the scavenger hunt wins. (Once the first team crosses the finish line then no more fairies can be collected.)

You can use things like hoola hoops to hop through, monkey bars to swing across, rope swings to fly across a moat (set up two lines and they have to swing over them without falling in between) etc…. for the course. At the same time each obstacle has a clue to where a fairy lives or is hiding. If they can figure it out without stopping the obstacle and find the fairy, then they get an extra point and the girl who finds the fairy gets 2. At the end of the race, the winning team gets to choose where they are sleeping in the room as well as what movie to watch while they all fall asleep.

In the morning you can tally up the girl who won the most points and she is the one who gets the basket of cookies with everyone’s names on them. The rest of the girls still get to keep their wings, crowns and other fun things like desserts that they made so that they can have some fun favors to bring home too.

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