Planning Your Elmo 1st Birthday Party: Say Happy Birthday Elmo

Elmo 1st birthday party ideas. Your baby is turning one, and you want to throw a birthday party that they can identify with and have fun at.

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Unfortunately, if you have ever tried to throw a party for a 1 year old, you know that it can be hard because they do not know enough yet to have fun at an ordinary party, and you have to have older kids and adults present.

If you have already taken your baby on a tour down Sesame Street, an Elmo 1st birthday party is a great way to keep all those who are there occupied and having fun.


As you start to plan, you will realize that there are numerous themes even within Elmo birthday party ideas so you need to look at these. To narrow them down, you can keep them to the characters that your child is already familiar with.

Because there will be other people at the party, you may be tempted to have many more characters, but remember that babies get over-stimulated easily. Keep to a few characters from Sesame Street and then work with them to create good fun for everyone.

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When it comes to party invites, there are numerous ways you can do them. If you have the time, you can create them at home with hard paper and color. Alternatively, Elmo party invites are a dime a dozen, literally.

Go out and get some; feel free to add a touch or two to make them more personal. Let your child watch as you make them if you can – they are already familiar characters to her, and all that color is a nice introduction to just how colorful it will be at the party.

As they watch, since they are already learning how to speak a little at that age, sing them a song that they will mentally attach to the color and the pictures that they see. “Happy Birthday Elmo” is a good way to do it.


Let’s move on to décor. As you can imagine, there is so much that you can do with an Elmo themed party. Many children’s stores sell a lot of Elmo decorations and they are cheap.

If it’s possible, buy some decorations that your baby can use to play with after the party. Sesame Street characters, street signs, letters, anything that you get by looking through Sesame Street will do just fine.


Elmo 1st birthday party favors will have to be different depending on who they will be for, but for the little kids, Sesame Street Packs will do just fine. Get the most interesting ones that you can.

For older kids, get packs that have little exercises in them so that you can get them playing, preferably outside the house. Assuming that all the adults who come will be accompanying a child or are related to the child, you may not have to create or buy party favors for them.

Elmo Cake

Elmo Cake Pan
I bought this cake pan to make a cake for one of my daycare children. She loves Elmo and the cake just made her birthday special and I had a great time making and decorating the cake.
Elmo Cake Pan
Your Elmo 1st birthday party is not complete without an Elmo cake. You can make this as interesting as you want. Have little Big Bird cakes (or any other character you choose) – that will make it much more interesting when the kids get their cake. You can do the character cakes just for the kids, as the adults eat the bigger cake.

An Elmo 1st birthday party is just one of thousands of 1st birthday party ideas that you can use to come up with a superb 1st birthday for you child – a day that you will remember and that you will be proud to tell them about as they grow older. Of course you must take enough pictures and video. Make sure to get printed copies of the best pictures for framing.

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