Easy Homemade Gift Ideas and Homemade Presents

Easy homemade gift ideas are back in fashion. Taking the time and effort to create a unique and thoughtful gift brings a whole new meaning to 'It's the thought that counts'.

A precious gift you could give, is something that was always always admired.

Did your daughter always love that bracelet, your friend often admired a picture. If you can bear to part with it, what better way to say happy birthday!

Recipes Do you have a kitchen cupboard full of recipes on scraps of paper? Why not share your favorite recipes by creating a recipe book and gifting that as an easy homemade gift idea. You can get creative with the pc, or hand write your book.

A Birthday CD Mix

decorating a cd mix for easy homemade gift

A home made CD mix is a lovely idea for a birthday gift, it's unique personal and pretty low cost.

I made one for my friends son for his 18th birthday, and luckily had everything in the house, so it was free!

See how I made the cd mix here...

Gifts from the garden What better cheap birthday ideas than planted gifts from the garden. Particularly if you make the container a part of the gift that can be re-used.

A combination of herbs can be planter in a small container that would fit on a window sill. Appealing mugs or bowls can be planted up with bulbs, that once flowered can be removed and the container washed and used.

See what interesting containers you can find in your shed or your nearest charity shop. Here are some ideas to get you going: old boot, jug, mug, bowl, teapot, terracotta drain pipe (small section!), an old decorated tin can, old toaster!A cheap plant pot can be decorated with paints, mosaic made from old smashed tiles, decoupage or even wrapped with thin coloured rope.

Gifts from the kitchen Freshly home-made bread with a jar of home-made jam. Biscuits, cakes or other goodies will always be welcome, particularly if displayed in an attractive plate, bowl or box.

Alcoholic gifts from the kitchen include sloe gin or vodka, raspberry whisky, are always welcome gifts. (For an alternative to sloe gin, add a handful of blackberries and a vanilla pod)

Decoupage gifts Decoupage is a fairly addictive pastime that can be used to create all sorts of attractive designs, and the best thing is that you don't have to be artistic to achieve a good look. Decoupage the art of tearing paper into random strips and sticking on to items with PVA glue to create an textured finish. This is commonly used to decorate jewellery boxes, picture frames, furniture, plant pots. Rocks can be decorated and given as paperweights or doorstops, making unique and attractive easy homemade gift ideas

Fun gift for small kids Make up a quantity of icing and divide into sections. Colour each section with a different food colouring. Present in an attractive box with a play rolling pin and a few cookie cutters. Kids will love rolling out and making things with this gift, and even better they can eat it! It's important that this gift is kept chilled.

Ceramic tiles Easy homemade gift ideas can be created from ceramic tiles. Decorated with paint, decoupage, photographs or simply a child's hand print. These can then be made into coaster, trivets or pictures.

Mosaic Mosaics are made from smashed old tiles. They can then fixed in a pattern with grout, random or otherwise. This technique can be used to decorate a range of items such as plant pots, picture frames or furniture. Shells and gems can be incorporated into the pattern for an attractive effect

Old Jumpers! Plunder the attic and raid the wardrobe. Dig out those baggy old jumpers and create unique functional gifts. Old jumpers can be transformed into great happy birthday ideas such as hot water bottle covers, cushions and even groovy totebags.

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