Durian Chiffon Cake

by Joyce

Durian Chiffon cake Ideas

Durian Chiffon cake Ideas

Durian durian durian ! A love and hate relationship for this asian delicacy, I must say. The whole family loves the taste of it but the "aromoa" can be rather "choking" when left in an enclosed space. Still, baking it in a cake is something new, adventurous and definitely trilling !

Mum, an old folk, has the traditional taste bud of a no-cream, no-cheese for a cake. In fact, as an asian, they think of light and fluffy as the only correct texture for a cake ! Well, since it's her birthday, so she called the shots.

Abundance of durians available as the season is prolonged, a durian chiffon seems a good idea. The amount of durians in the baked chiffon is just nice, not too overwhelming, not too mild. Enough to feel a taste of it but not enpowering the whole cake. As we know, if you put pure fresh durians to be baked in an oven, too much of it will definitely soured the taste. The air pockets as you can see in the cake, lightened the cake texture generously.

Since it's meant for a mummy's birthday, so baking it in heart shaped chiffon is so appropriate for the theme ! But somehow even before mum is back to peek at the beautiful cake, the baby grandson has been pinching it for his own delight !

Recipe and method can be found here :
Durian Chiffon Cake

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