Decades Of Birthdays

by barbara

When we're young a year seems long so perhaps there's some sense to it when, children dress up with balloons and stuff each year from ages one through ten.

From ten until we reach twenty and here I expect you'll agree with me the single most important of all either eighteen or sweet sixteen.

For those who have been there and done that the rest just an odd sort of waste, because it's year twenty-one and after, that life gives you a real taste.

By then we hit the age thirty and reality starts to sink in, all the sweat and toil and here's the pity thirty one starts us downhill.

OMG what about forty the terrible twos multiplied by twice as high strung...Wouldn't most of us forgive and forget it cause fifty is hurrying right along?

Sixty Seventy clear through to one-hundred and by now having caught hold of my drift, if you get to blow out all those candles the rest of the day won't be worth "PFFT"

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