Looking for cute boyfriend gift ideas?

Cute boyfriend gift ideas to go with that cd, game, aftershave, phone or ipod, that you know he'll love.

What can you give him that would be cute and special. Something that would tell him how much you think of him without being soppy.

A key ring with a photo of you or both of you makes inexpensive and thoughtful boyfriend gift ideas. As would a mini digital photo key ring loaded with some romantic snaps.

A pop art photo print from a photo would make a lovely personal and unique gift. Upload a photo and have it created into a caricature or pop art. You can then have this framed or mounted onto canvas.

Buy him a new wallet, take a peek at his and find a similar style, don't forget to slip in a photo of yourself, and a silver coin for good luck before you wrap it.

A picture or canvas of somewhere you visited together. Perhaps you've had a romantic break or been on holiday together.

Is he into bling?...A St Christopher or dog tag pendant is something he can where close to his heart

Don't forget to send a happy birthday text first thing in the morning or even a minute after midnight on his birthday!

The way to a man's heart is through his tummy so the saying goes, so don't forget to bake him his favourite cake or love heart cookies. For my boyfriend's (now husband!) birthday I baked his favourite carrot cake, spread cream cheese frosting over the top and then drew lots of love hearts, with a cocktail stick, in the frosting all over the top. Don't forget the candles too!

A watch with a card or engraved special message. Perhaps, 'time with you is full of love and happiness' or simply 'with love from...your name'

Hire a cool car as a surprise and have romantic day out, take a picnic and go somewhere special, the beach, out for lunch, somewhere you spent a first date.

Make a collection of his favourite songs or meaningful love songs and load it on to a compilation CD or USB stick. You can buy some pretty nifty USB key rings, including some really nice silver or gold one's. I really like this Coca Cola USB key ring.

A photo book would make cute boyfriend gift ideas, choose some favourite and special photo's and have it created into a photo book. You can add text such as a special message or song lyrics along with the photo's. This can all be done on line, you can choose the design and colour of the book, upload the photo's, position the text. Then it's all bound into a professional book and posted to you.

Or there's lots of other photo ideas that would make cute gifts such as mugs, mouse mats, snow globes, crystal photo hearts, key chains, check these out here...

Finding cute boyfriend gift ideas doesn't mean sitting around for hours scratching our heads. Sometimes we can think too hard, go with your gut instinct and just do it! At the end of the day he'll love it because it's from you.

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