Creative 50th Birthday Present Ideas

Creative 50th birthday present

Searching for a creative 50th birthday present is easy if you plan ahead. Think about what type of gift the recipient would like. Often an experience, creating memories will be more appropriate than something that will end up at the back of the wardrobe this time next year.

Would they enjoy a city break. This can be as luxurious as a weekend in Paris or other European City. If you if you plan well ahead you can get a cheap hotel room.

An experience day Trying something they've never done before would be a very creative 50th birthday present. A day out horseracing, sports car driving, driving a tank or a plane.

A golf break, pole dancing lesson or football stadium tour.

Wine and Food Experience A day at the Spa, a luxurious hotel break or even a chocolate experience day

Courses How about a course in wine tasting or even a gourmet lesson in cooking.

Beauty Consultation - Check with your local department stores. Lots of these will provide free beauty or skin consultations, add a cosmetic gift voucher for a perfect pressie.

The department store may also provide a free personal shopper. Sit back and chill while they use their expertise to pick out the best items that will 'really suit'. Combined with a gift voucher, this makes for a thoughtful and creative present.

For a really creative 50th birthday present, Have a star or a rose named after them

Get the family together and have a family portrait. Not only would this bring the family together, a memorable event in itself, but the picture would and everlasting memory of the special event.

Personal Presents Wine, champagne or or whisky that has a personalised label is a creative present. Add quality a 50th birthday wine glass to this too.

Search 1960's on ebay, or the year of their birth and see what memorabilia that you can find. Cufflinks, key ring or a pendant made from a coin minted in the year of their birth is a thoughtful gift. I love this Framed picture of New York from the 1960's, something I'd be very happy to receive as a 50th birthday gift!

Although many people now own a mobile phone. If they don't maybe it's time to start!

Creative 50th birthday present books for those celebrating 50...,

  • Fifty Things to Do When You Turn Fifty Don't even think about turning 50 without this book! A compilation of short articles, musings and reminiscences written by experts and celebrities from all walks of life on the subject of turning 50. Includes valuable information on important medical tests, estate planning, insurance strategies, as well as a healthy dose of poetry and humor.
  • You Know You're Fifty When... Over the next 15 years, 45 million baby boomers will celebrate their 50th birthdays. With Smith as their guide, the Boomers will know exactly what lies ahead. Not only does turning 50 mean you survived your 40s, but you get to join the AARP, answer your front door in bedroom slippers, and spend your kid's inheritance on liposuction.
  • What You Don't Know About Turning 50 This is an absolutely delightful book! It is full of wonderful and ironic humor which is both hysterically funny and insightful. The honesty and wisdom of Mr. Witte's observations (posed as a "birthday quiz") are oddly comforting to those of us who are near to either side of "F-Day"(Fifty!). I hope Mr. Witte continues to write in this vein. I highly recommend this book.
  • Things to Do Now That You're 50 Did you ever wanted to transform your sedate life into a more exciting and fruitful existence or do something totally radical? Have you ever dreamed of singing with a band, visiting a nudist colony, climbing a mountain, starting a new career, or relocating to another country? Don’t wait until next year or the year after to start making plans – life is too short to sit and let the action pass you by. Find your true self by trying something new. This book of quirky ideas, fun-filled tips, and thought-provoking quotations will fill you with aspirations, encourage you to dream and live large.

Put together a 'This is your Life - Celebrating 50 years' book. Start this well in advance. Buy a lovely blank book or photo album. Ask friends and family for old photos and memories. Fill the book up with memories and photo's from the past.

Put together a gift basket filled with goodies you'll know they will enjoy. This can be based on their hobby or passion. What not to buy... Just because you will like the gift, don't assume they will to. Think about their hobbies and interests. What would they really cherish?

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