Top 10 Cool Gifts for Dad, Gift Ideas for Dad, Creative Gifts for Dad

Cool gifts for Dad? We really want to buy them something special, show them on this day of all how much we think about them. So we ask them what they would like and get the reply “Nothing”

I'm sure they don't mean to be so difficult, but we can't get them 'nothing'. So it's time to turn detective.

cool gifts for dad,  gift ideas for dads,  creative gifts for dad,  gifts for your dad"This is an excellent, top-quality wallet, exactly as described. My Dad absolutely loves it. He has been looking for a good leather wallet for a long time."

Nautica Men's Trifold Walletcool gifts for dad,  gift ideas for dads,  creative gifts for dad,  gifts for your dad

As with most men they're happy if you make them feel useful or rich!

Is your Dad on Facebook? Have a look and see if you can find any clues there, music, movies, hobbies and interests. (or ask Mum!)

Here are some specific happy birthday gift ideas for dads

10. SpokeLit

If your Dad is into cycling buy these nifty little gadgets. SpokeLit'scool gifts for dad,  gift ideas for dads,  creative gifts for dad,  gifts for your dad clip onto his bike wheels. The idea is that they are very visible and make the bike safer on the road. And he'll look really cool without realising it!

9. Crap Trumps

Remember Top Trumps? Here's a game the whole family can play. Instead of the collection cards displaying of cool and classic cars, Crap Trumps is all about the really rubbish cars we all actually drive in the real world. Side-splittingly funny, Crap Trumpscool gifts for dad,  gift ideas for dads,  creative gifts for dad,  gifts for your dad

gift ideas for dads

features the deeply irrelevant, highly irregular and downright stupid qualities of some shockingly crap cars. Such as windscreen wiper speeds (per minute), cost needed to pass MOT (often well into the thousands), surface area of rust, and of course the general and all important Crap Factor of the car. Very funny and a very affordable happy birthday gift idea.

8. Gardening Gifts

At number 8 in my top 10 cool gifts for dad are gardening gifts, providing he's a gardener of course! How about a gardening gift basket. Buy a useful looking planter with gardening-gloves, secateurs, a soil testing-kit, maybe a garden ornament or book. The book can be suited to Dad's interest such as growing vegetables or container gardening.

Buy him a shrub or tree and a new spade to plant it with.

7. A new wallet

A new Leather Wallet with a photo of the family in it are creative gifts for Dad. Have a sneaky look at his old wallet to see what kind of style it is. He'll probably prefer one similar to his old one.


Great for long car journeys or holidays, Sat Nav systems are now very popular. Brands such as Navman, Tom Tom, and Garmin are now household brands.

5. The Bottle Lock

cool gifts for dad,  gift ideas for dads,  creative gifts for dad,  gifts for your dad

Is Dad always a little suspicious that his booze is mysteriously evaporating? If so why not buy him this ingenious Bottle Lock device for his birthday.This is a padlock style four digit lock. It locks with a simple twist. will fit most wine and spirit bottles. Of course if it's you that's doing the surreptitious syphoning, you might want to pass on this one!

4.The Gift of Time

At number 4 in Top 10 cool gifts for dad, choosing a gift of time is quite simple; Simply choose an activity your dad enjoys, then really make his day by planning a complete day of it together. Buy him a small gift connected with the day. The present will display your affection, but the icing on the cake will really be the day you planned together. Some ideas could be connected with his hobbies such as a day golfing, fishing, buy something for the garden and help him plant or build it.

3. Tyre Pressure Checker

This Tire Pressure Gauge great little gizmo, meaning Dad can check his tyres at home rather than having to drive down to the garage. Correct tyre pressures are impotant for fule consumption and tyre life.

2. Share Certificates

A framed share certificate. A framed share certificate. His favourite foot ball club, sports club perhaps, even Ferrari or Harley Davidson.

1. Beer Home Brew Kit

cool gifts for dad,  gift ideas for dads,  creative gifts for dad,  gifts for your dad

When pubs started to be replaced by 'bars' what ever happened to a decent pint? In the past home brew beer wasn't much to write home about, but a Home Brew Kit changes all that.

It's so simple to use, just fill up with beer mixture, and in 7 to 10 days he'll have pints of quite excellent beer.

A worthy winner of my Top 10 Cool Gifts for Dad

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