Stuck for cool gift ideas?

Cool gift ideas don't have to be a chore! With a bit of thought about who you're buying for and inspiration from me, it's easy, lets get going!

Number 1 tip...Check for clues

When ever I hear some-one mention something they'd like, I write it down in my diary (you might need to get one first!) on their birthday date.

Then when the birthday approaches I have some inspiration to start with.

Keep your eyes open when you visit, is there something they need, are their newspapers and magazines flowing everywhere, perhaps a magazine rack, or do their cd's need a home.

Don't shop for yourself and end up buying something you'd like. Avoid this at all costs! Thinking about who you're buying for, if you gave them the money, what would they buy for themselves?

Do they have a Facebook or social networking page? Take a look on there, see what you can find out about their hobbies or interests.

Many people have an Amazon wish list. I always keep my wish list updated throughout the year,as do the rest of my family. It makes life much easier come gift buying time.

Budget It's important to decide beforehand what your budget is going to be, and stick to it if you can! Generally if you've known a person a long time or they are a close member of the family then you'd spend more than on a colleague or friend. But it's the thought that's gone into the gift that's more important than cost.

Make a list Put pen to paper, brainstorm, list the persons hobbies, likes and interests, and look for clues. My favorite present this year was a book of carrot recipes - I work for a company who grows carrots and I love cooking, my brother is good at buying thoughtful gifts and often thinks if really creative birthday gift ideas.

You could consider a gift experience. These make good last minute gift ideas A gift certificate for a good restaurant, tickets to the theatre. Cinemas now do gift cards, so you can treat them to a night out at the cinema. Or how about buying time from a local tradesman, such as a joiner, gardener or cleaner.

A homemadegift basket idea makes a cool gift idea. It can be personalised to your recipient, and of course to your budget! Read more about homemade gift basket ideas...>>>

What type of person are they? Touchy feely, do they like nice feeling things? Fluffy dressing gowns, luxurious bubble baths. Or do they prefer to look at things, perhaps a picture or ornament, a digital photoframe pre-loaded with pictures of family or friends.

Gifts for her Chocolates and flowers will always be enjoyed, but make sure they're good quality (and she's not on a diet!)If your stuck for birthday gift ideas for your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mum, whoever it is look here for some ideas on our 'Gifts for Her' page Read more about chocolate birthday gifts...>>>

Special Gifts for Sisters You grew up together and share a life time of memories together. This should give you loads of ideas for buying your sister birthday gifts

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Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas If your best friend is always there for you, whenever you want her, she deserves a special, and very thoughtful gift.Read more about my own tried-and-tested Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas...>>>

Gifts for him Why are men so much more difficult to buy for? Look at what he already has for inspiration, what would he buy for himself? What does he use most, can you find a newer or updated version of this? Read more about romantic birthday gifts for him...>>>

Gift Ideas for Husbands Unless you know of a cool gift idea that your husband needs or would love, maybe a tangible gift may not be the answer. Read more about gift ideas for husbands...>>>

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Cute Boyfriend Gift Ideas

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Funny Gift Ideas

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Gifts for kids Don't assume that all girls like dolls and boys like footballs! Buying gifts for kids is different than for adults. They are not as fussed about 'the thought that counts', but you do want to buy them something you know they'll use. It's fine to ask kids what they would like, or request a list. Or you could ask the parents. All kids love to get cash and gift vouchers. You can also now buy prepaid visa cards, a cool gift idea for teens.

And here's a selection of my favorite birthday gift ideas for men.

1st Birthday Ideas

Zodiac signs Why don't you use their zodiac sign for some ideas. For example virgo's are very practical people and will prefer useful birthday gifts, like diaries or calenders. Read more about gift ideas for zodiac personalities ...>>>

Wrap it So you've come up with your perfect cool gift idea, and bought it. Don't spoil the moment by not bothering to wrap it. It doesn't have to be fancy, but if you've taken to time to present it well and hand written the gift tag, then it shows you've taken time to care. If can hand deliver your gift then it makes it all the more of a special happy birthday.

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