Christmas Birthday Party Ideas

by Samantha
(Corinth, ME)

Christmas Birthday Party Ideas

Christmas Birthday Party Ideas

My birthday is only two days before Christmas, and my grandfather's IS on Christmas day. A perfect opportunity for a Christmas Birthday Party.

My Grandfather always visits my family, and always has as far back as I can remember on my birthday, disguised as Santa.

As a child, he would make an appearance at my Christmas birthday party, with none of the children aware of course. He would bring everyone presents, and we would tell him what we wanted for Christmas, which I assume was a way to be sure our parents understood what we wanted as well.

It was fun for the children, and even though I'm an adult now, he still comes dressed up as Santa Claus.

Sophie Says

A Christmas birthday is a double celebration. You may feel sorry for the birthday boy or girl, thinking they'll miss out on a separate birthday celebration. However most people I speak to with a December birthday really don't see it this way. The only thing that narks them is getting one present instead of two!

Here's some great Christmas Birthday Party Ideas

  • Go ice skating or sledging. Even if you're not surrounded by snow, many towns and cities erect an ice skating ring for the festive period. Go enjoy!

  • Have a pyjama party. Turn up the heating and throw a birthday pyjama party, ignoring the weather outside

  • Celebrate with a snow flake party. The decorations and table wear can all be white and silver, bake snowflake cookies and play 'musical snowflakes'. Like musical chairs but with snowflakes!

    1. Cut out large snowflakes out of white card and decorate them with glitter, one for each guest.
    2. Lay them on the floor, play some music and have your guests dance around the snow flakes.

    3. When the music stops each guest has to stand on a snow flake.

    4. Start the music again and remove 1 snow flake.

    5. When the music stops this time there will be one person without a snowflake, they are out.

    6. Remove another snowflake and repeat the game until you have a winner

  • Have a Narnia Party. Ask each guest to come in fancy dress from a character in the Narnia film.

    • If you really don't want to spend your life eating your birthday cake at Christmas, move it to the middle of the year. What's stopping you? Just tell every-one you are fed up of having a Christmas Birthday Party and you are moving your birthday by 6 months.

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