Chocolate Birthday Party.

by Asya
(Sofia, Bulgaria)

Chocolate Birthday Party

Chocolate Birthday Party

I have four wonderful kids. They all love birthdays and most of all they love a chocolate birthday party!

Our family budget is not so big , so we made a family tradition to eat chocolate as much as we want only on birthdays :)

Beautiful days! All the menu is made from different kind of chocolates, all shapes and colours you imagine! I hide chocolate presents for all in the house, and they search for hours to find them, like this its happiness for everyone!!!

More Chocolate Birthday Party Ideas

A Willy Wonka Partychoice chocolate themed party.

  • Ask every one to dress as characters from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Choose from Willy Wonka, Grandpa Jo, Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, Mike teavee, Violet Beauregarde, Augustus Gloop, Arthur Slugworth, Charlie himself or even and Umpa Lumpa!

  • Decorate the room with Chocolate decorations and play the Umpa Lumpa Song.

  • Write the invitations on a 'golden ticket'. You could even deliver the invitations inside a chocolate bar!

  • Birthday games can include a 'bubble blowing contest', a chocolate coin treasure hunt and pin the hat on an Umpa Lumpa

  • Food of course is anything chocolate, how about a chocolate nutella pizza and chocolate milk!

  • Eat the food after all the party games and then settle down to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to make sure all that chocolate stays down

  • This fun and festive custom Wonka candy table centerpieces is great for any party! Each contains a mylar tufted base contains Gobstoppers, Jaw Breakers, Laffy Taffy and giant Pixy Stixs. The top tier of this centerpiece is a custom made foam core Wonka hat graphic with mylar tufts. Each table piece stands approximately 24" tall.

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