Chocolate Birthday Gifts to Die For

chocolate birthday gifts

OK, hands up who wants chocolate birthday gifts? I guess that's all of you then. We know that if all else fails then chocolate birthday gifts are a dead cert. Every-one loves chocolate.

An important point to remember is DON'T BUY CHEAP. With chocolate you really do get what you pay for.

There a hundreds of amazing chocolate gift company's to choose from. Here are a few you may not have thought of...

chocolate birthday gifts

Do you love any-one enough to give them your Last Rolo? Remember that advert? Well now you can give your loved one their very own last Rolo in a romantic presentation box. Choosing between silver, gold or girly pink has never been so delicious.

You can now buy Chocolate Cluedo. All the characters and murder weapons are make of chocolate. Of course you only get to play the game once as every-one gets eaten at the end. It's a great shame that the Cluedo board is not made of chocolate though!

Chocolate rub and body massage

If the person you're buying for is on a diet, there's still no excuse to not give them chocolate birthday gifts. How about a chocolate rub and body massage. Obviously the products are chocolate scented and not the real thing, so there's no point in trying to taste it on the sly. But the smell, just lovely.

A chocoholic weekend of bliss.

Chocolate birthday gifts don't come much better than this. A night in a comfortable hotel with a gourmet chocolate meal for two. Every-where you look there's chocolate on tap. From chocolate liqueurs to a luxurious hot chocolate nightcap. What more could you ask for?

Chocolate recipe book

There are some really wonderful chocolate books that would make great chocolate gifts. Making your own chocolate truffles, chocolate eggs, chocolate puddings, chocolate cookies, chocolate brownies, the list is endless. You could make the recipe book part of a chocolate gift basket.

A chocolate gift basket makes a perfect gift. You can tailor it to exactly the type of chocolates they love. For example if they only love dark chocolate gifts, they fill the basket with these. Or you could fill it with chocolate making equipment such as moulds, chocolate making tools, wrapper and boxes. If you don't have the time or inclination to put together a basket.

If you're looking for unusual chocolate gifts, I found a site that does some really weird stuff ( from chocolate body parts, to chandeliers and even whole rooms, shoes, skulls, golf balls. In fact I think if you asked them they'd make just about anything you wanted.

How about a personalised chocolate bar, you can have your own message printed on to a luxury chocolate bar.

Put the two most popular gifts together and what do you get...chocolate and flowers, or should that be chocolate and wine? What the hec why not give all three

flower and chocolate gifts

I love chocolate, but to be honest after writing all this I'm starting to feel a little ill so I'm going for a lie down. I think my next page should be on health gifts. What do you think?

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