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childrens birthday party games

Common Childrens birthday party games include musical chairs, pass the parcel, musical statues, pin the tail on the donkey, hide and seek. Here are some that are not quite as well known.

CHINESE WHISPERS Quiet childrens birthday party games! All the kids sit in a circle. One thinks of a sentence, saying or phrase, and whispers it to the child next to them. This child then whispers what he heard (or thinks he hears) to the next child. This continues right round the circle until the 'chinese whisper' arrives back at the first child, who has to say it out loud, Usually nothing like the sentence you started with!

The Bean Game Funny childrens birthday party games! Kids find this game really funny. It's a musical game, when the music stops the adult shouts out a type of bean, which the kids have to impersonate. The types of beans are

Runner Bean – run on the spot

String Bean – put your arms above your head and pretend to be a piece of string

Bake Beans – make farty noises

Jelly bean – go all wobbly like jelly

Jumping bean – jump up and down

Mixed beans – they can do anything they like

French Bean – hands on hips and shout "Ooooh La La"

THE GIANT MEMORY GAME Again every-one sits in a circle. The first child has to say the sentence 'I went shopping and I bought.....' They have to finish the sentence with what they bought, for example bananas. The next child then has to say out loud 'I went shopping and I bought bananas and........' finishing the sentence with their own choice of item. After a few goes the list might look like this... I went shopping and I bought bananas, a tin of beans, a birthday present for John, 20 pegs, a kilo of apples, a new mop and so on.

BRITISH BULLDOG Tiring childrens birthday party games! You need a large space for this. One or two guests, are chosen to be 'Bulldogs'. The bulldogs stand at the centre of the space. The rest of the guests stand at one end of the space (home). The aim of this game is to get across the space to the other side, without being caught by the bulldogs. If you get caught you become a bull dog your self. The guests, starting from the other side then have to get back to the other without being caught. The winner is the last person to be caught. This is quite a physical game!

BLIND MAN'S BUFF One guest, known as 'the Blind Man', is blindfolded. The blind man is turned around several times so they lose their sense of direction. They then have to walk around with their arms outstretched. When they catch a player they have to try and guess who they are by feel alone. If the blind man guesses who the other guest is, then they remove the blindfold, and the caught one becomes the blind man. If the Blind Man doesn't guess who their captive is, they have to play again

MURDER IN THE DARK You need a very dark room or rooms for this game. Prepare enough slips of paper for every guest. Mark 1 slip with a circle and 1 with an X, the others should be blank. Fold so the mark is a secret. Every guest chooses a slip of paper. The guest choosing the X is the Murderer but keeps this a secret. The guest who is the gets the O is the 'Police Officer' and tells every-one else this.The lights are turned off and the guests circulate around the room or the house. The murderer chooses a victim, by firmly tapping them on the shoulder. The victim should then scream as if dying and the murderer moves away.

The policeman switches the lights back on and goes to the crime scene. Everyone else stays where they are and the victim plays dead on the floor as the policeman then begins asking questions such as - Where were you when someone yelled Murder in the Dark? Who do you think is the murderer? Everyone must answer truthfully apart from the Murderer who can lie in answering any question apart from "Are you the Murderer?" After questioning, the policeman has just 1 chance to guess who is the murderer. If he is wrong, out the lights go again

Traffic Lights This game can be played to music. There are five colours: red, amber, green, purple and pink. The children need to remember what action goes with each colour. Red is stop, amber is sit down, green is run, purple means jump and pink is hop furiously. When the music stop an adult needs to shout out a colour and the kids have to do the selected action. Those who get the action wrong are out, and the music starts again.

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