Cherry Chip Cake Memories

by Bettie Geese
(North Carolina)

My Birthday Tradition

My Birthday Tradition

As a young girl, my mother always made my favorite cake. It was a Cherry Chip Cake with Cherry Icing from the Betty Crocker's Collection.

Starting from the age of three my mother would ask me, "Bebe (a baby name she called me, short for Bettie) what would you like mommy to make you for your birthday?" I would respond " Chip chip cake mommy!" We had Cherry Chip cake and my favorite mexican dish, Enchiladas, every year for my Birthday.

Unfortunately when I was 16 my mother passed away from a terminal illness. So now every year in celebration of my Birthday and what is also now, a remembrance of my mother, we make a "chip chip" cake and chow down on Mexican Enchiladas!

It is a tradition I am hoping to pass down to my 8 month old daughter when she is old enough to tell her mommy what kind of cake and meal she would like for me to prepare her on her birthday!

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by: Anonymous

I think you wanting to carry on a tradition that has been apart of you&your wonderful mothers lives is a great idea. Your daughter will someday cherish the memory as much as you do!

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