Cheap Birthday ideas I recommend. Inexpensive Birthday Gifts

My favourite cheap birthday ideas tend to be quite personalised, and often need just a little preparation.

chdeap birthday ideas

A good friend of mine once grew a whole host of basil plants from seed. The herb basil is used for love, wealth and protection. She collected an array of weird and wonderful pots from thrift and charity shops. The each plant was carefully potted up. On my birthday I was given a flourishing plant, that sat on my window sill for a long time providing flavour to our meals.

The basil was probably one of the most inexpensive birthday gifts I've ever received, however it was also one of the most memorable. It was grown and nurtured by Emma, and given with her love and good wishes.

When I was a kid my Mum was forever making us unwrap presents very, very carefully. At the time we thought she was mad. But now I completely understand exactly why she wanted to keep the paper looking so nice. Of course I now do the same - wrapping paper, bags, bows and ribbons are all kept and recycled into new gift wrap.

Another cheap idea is the gift of time. My Mum received a days labour from her friend on her birthday. The best bit was that her friend donated a days worth of her husbands labour, and he's a joiner! Perfect, my Mum got all sorts of jobs done. I'm not sure what her friend promised the joiner husband in return though!

Of course if your other half doesn't have a useful trade there are still lots of 'gift of time' ideas you could explore. Clean an oven, an afternoons ironing, driving lessons, gardening, promise to walk the dog next time it rains, baby sitting, deliver them a newspaper every day for a week.

Create them their own personalised happy birthday messages web page. Write them a poem or a personalised message. Find a cute/embarrassing/strange picture of them, and upload this to me and I'll publish this on the web for you. Image their surprise when they see your message live on the internet! Click here to create your own happy birthday messages

A pretty vase filled with hand picked wild flowers, or flowers from the garden is a welcome gift. Plants at a garden centre can be quite expensive. Investigate taking cuttings from your favourite plants and growing them on to give as gifts.

cheap birthday ideas A promise gift can be a good idea if you have a temporary cash flow glitch. Promise to take them out for lunch on a specific date in the future. Ensure you present your promise well. Write it in a card, or give them a voucher.

Many cheap birthday ideas can be found around the kitchen. Home made bread of biscuits, and of course no birthday is complete without a cake. Gift a home made personalised cake in instead of a present.

Of course the birthday is not just about the gift. Spend time making the birthday special in other inexpensive ways. Treat them to breakfast in bed, a candle lit meal, a massage. If you would like to go out for a meal, go out early and take advantage of early bird menus or 2 for 1 offers.

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