Blinded hide and seek

by Olivia
(Greenfield, WI)

This game is for 6 or more players and should be played in a large open space. To play,choose one child to wear a blindfold. The blindfolded child then has to wonder the room in search of another player.(Older kids could also be spun around a few times first so they are disoriented and don't know where they are.) When they tag someone, they have to guess who they think they found. If they guess right,the kid they found gets to take the blindfold. If they are wrong,they remain blindfolded and have to find another player. P.S. If the blindfolded child starts going out of the boundaries, they should be turned back in the right direction. It's also fun to confuse the blindfolded child to take them longer to find another player. This makes for the funniest moments. Make sure the room is clear of anything that could be tripped on before you begin.

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A few things to remember NEW
by: Anonymous

Keep in mind that some kids can be a bit scared of being blindfolded, so use your discretion. If someone is scared of being blindfolded,please don't force them to. Instead, they can play with their eyes shut. Also, if anyone has on glasses,they should have them taken off to be blindfolded.


by: Sophie

Please play safe peeps, ensure you risk assess first!

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