Blind man's rush

by Hailey

All you need for this game is a blindfold and 4 or more players. If you play this inside,clear away anything that could tripped or stumbled on. First,blindfold a player.(I like to do Eenie meenie,minie mo to decide who is blindfolded.) Then,spin the blindfolded player around a few times so they are a bit disoriented. Make sure they can't see a thing. Now,the blindfolded player has to try and tag other players. When someone is tagged, they are out of the game. The last one left wins and then they get a turn to be blindfolded. P.S.It's best if the playing area isn't too large,that way a blindfolded player doesn't go out of the boundaries. Something else you could do is have everyone stand where they are and move anything but their feet to avoid being tagged. Another could be to have the one blindfolded guess who they tagged and if they're correct,they take the blindfold. Otherwise,they have to keep going.

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Awesome game NEW
by: Lilly

This game has very good directions. I also like the two variations that are listed. I'll have to remember this game for a day in the park.

A couple of blindfold tips NEW
by: Anonymous

If anyone is afraid to wear the blindfold, don't force them to,just have them keep their eyes shut. If anybody has glasses, remove them so you can cover their eyes.

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