Fun and Free Birthday Balloons Coloring Pages

For all of you who have asked for a printable birthday balloons coloring pages, here it is. If you'd like to see any other free to print pages please let us know below.

Click on the image or the text below and the coloring page will download straight to your computer, where you can simply print out as many copies as you like.

This print out fills the entire page

This print out covers just half the page so you can fold it over and send as a free printbale birthday card

Birthday Balloons Coloring Pages Step by Step Tutorial

I've put together some easy instructions for you, simply follow the video if you want to draw your picture from scratch, or fast forward to the coloring section if you want to see some coloring ideas.

The video also includes a new sound track, written especially for me, I've named it Birthday Rhapsody.

You can send happy birthday balloons for free, simply click on the share button (the little arrow in the top right hand corner)

Find more birthday coloring pages click here

If you'd like to see some different coloring pages or video instructions, let me know your ideas below

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