Birthday Traditions for a Magical Birthday.

Many birthday traditions have become so much part of the birthday celebrations, that we don't even really think of them as a tradition!

When I was a child the birthday fairy was an important and magical part of the birthday celebrations.

The birthday fairy would visit at night after I had gone to sleep, bringing the presents and decorating the house.

birthday traditions

Birthday gifts, a symbol of 'good wishes'. In past times people believed that evil spirits were at large around your birthday.

Therefore the day was filled with celebration and great joviality, parties, to keep them away. The presents were a symbol of good wishes given to ward off evil spirits.

The giving of birthday cake dates back to Roman times when a 'sweet flat bread' was presented on some-ones birthday. It wasn't until around 300 years ago that it started to take on the elaborate form we know today. The giving of the cake is usually preceded by the singing of

birthday traditions

'Happy Birthday' songs (usually out of tune!).

The practice of adorning the top of the cake with birthday candles dates back around 200 years. Although the significance of happy birthday candles is not really know.

It is thought the light represents 'light of life.' It is usual for the number of candles to represent the age of the person. Although once you get a bit older it's limited by the amount that can fit on the birthday cake!

It is a birthday tradition that the birthday cake candles are blown out in one breath while making a secret wish. If the wish is ever told then it won't come true.

Of course decorations are a very traditional part of the celebration. Banners, streamers and balloons are all common.

Have you ever heard of an unbirthday? A family we know will occasionally celebrate an 'unbirthday'. An unbirthday is to celebrate an event other than a birthday! For example the celebration of a great achievement, or just 'because'....

birthday traditions Birthday traditions vary the world over. A common practice in the UK is the 'birthday 'bumps'.

The lucky birthday person is held by the arms and legs and 'bumped' on the floor, the same amount of times as their age, and one for good luck.

In other countries this can be 'birthday punches', smacks or earlobe pulls!

See the website Thank Your Stars for some more birthday traditions.

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