Our Family Birthday Tradition - The Birthday Fairy

My favourite birthday tradition when I was a child, was the visit from the birthday fairy. This is how birthday's would begin in our house...

I woke, bleary eyed, rubbing sleep from my eyes.

I could see the sun beginning to peek through the curtains throwing pretty patterns on my wall paper.

A sparkle caught the corner of my eye. I sat up with a start. Fairy dust.

Fairy dust on the window sill, over my duvet and on to the floor.

The birthday fairy had been. I'm so exited, it's my birthday today! My hand slips under my pillow, and my fingers wrap around a small bag. It's soft and silky.

Pulling it out I hold it against my cheek, it's so soft. Inside the purple bag I feel coins, gold coins. I tip them out and count them carefully, 7 gold coins, one for each year. I'm seven today.

“Mum, Dad, the birthday fairy's been” I yell, hurling myself out of bed. Scattering the shiny balloons the birthday fairy had left on the floor.

I stop to dab my fingers in the fairy dust covering them.

“Mum, look, fairy dust”

Mum gave me a big hug “happy birthday honey”

I ran through to the living room. Following the fairy dust, and gasped at the magic she'd weaved. The room was decorated with streamers and balloons.

7 large round fat pink shiny balloons. On the chalk board in the kitchen the birthday fairy had written “Happy Birthday Sophie” in pink chalk. What beautiful magic writing she had!

And there by the window she'd piled up my birthday gifts. All wrapped in an assortment of beautiful paper, and ribbons. Covered in birthday fairy dust.

I felt just wonderful. I loved birthdays!

This tradition has carried on in our house. My kids hold the birthday fairy in as much esteem as Santa or the tooth fairy. She will only continue to visit if they really believe!

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