Jenny Won My Online Contest Birthday Song Lyrics with her Happy Birthday Song 'Amazon Gift Certificate Tune'

birthday song lyrics

Its my birthday soon
Would be over the moon
That I won a competition
For writing a tune!!!

Great tidings to me
when I win money
I'll spend it at Amazon -
So happy I'd be!!!!

The photo that Jenny submitted with her entry was taken by her husband, isn't it amazing? I can see many good birthday gifts from that. Canvas print for the bedroom, pair of pillowcases...?

I asked Jenny a little about herself and what she might do with her winnings

My name is Jenny. I am 34. I was 33 at the time I wrote those lyrics because I was thinking yeah what a good birthday present. I have 3 lovely children 12yrs, 7yrs and 5yrs - all boys and my partner of 9 years (we are not married yet just because of lack of funds). We also have 2 cats Bubble and Pixie who are not enjoying the cold weather at the moment!

In my spare time I love reading, writing poems and I used to make handmade cards but I found materials expensive and I wasn't really making much from it. I used to make the kids Christmas cards for their friends at school but 60+ cards at a time!!! Talking about Christmas, I love it! ......

I make all the decorations that we put up in the house (and the kids contribute as when and how they feel - either from school or helping me HAHA!!!) Anyways, its nothing fancy. We make paper chains, lanterns, stars and christmas trees that hang from the ceiling and we go through plenty of packets of staples, coloured paper and card!!!!!! So simple but so effective and look as good as any shop bought decoration. Other hobbies include keeping fit and listening to music, usually classic rock and I make a mean brew of tea!!! I quit smoking over 2 years ago and I don't drink alcohol - I know I'm boring!!!!

Life is never dull here in our little corner of Lincolnshire, and the kids certainly keep my partner and I on our toes!!! Our middle child, the 7yr old has learning difficulties and has the age of a 3 year old basically and needs constant care and attention. He can be hard work, but we just get on with things because we have to. I was thinking maybe I would buy him some books (he is just starting to learn to read a few easy words), but unfortunately he doesn't look after things very well and we have to watch him with his school books! My partner would tell me to spend it on myself - I can hear his voice now!!!

So what would I get....... my first love reading - so books and even better poetry books (you can never have enough of those!!!), music I have a couple of Rise Against albums that I wouldn't mind having, or Nightwish they are amazing in a strange gothic,operatic, metal kind of way!!!!

I was thinking a nice dress for the party season, but I am in the throws of losing weight and my dress size is shrinking from week to week (lucky me! lol)

And then there are some absolutely lovely pieces of jewellery hmm, I haven't made my mind up yet!!! Gosh, why does there have to be so many nice things on amazon?????????

Anyways, sorry I have gone on a bit, I hope there is enough there for you, but if there is anything else you would like to know, please feel free to ask. I enjoy any poetry writing, birthday verses or song lyric competitions, so I will definitely watch out for more! I'm glad you liked my effort, but also can I mention the wonderful moon picture - it was taken by my partner (I almost forgot to mention it!!!)


Jenny xxx

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