Writing Birthday Love Poems and other Romantic Birthday Ideas

There are many ways to express ourselves to our loved ones on special occasions and writing birthday love poems is high on the list of romantic birthday ideas!

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Romantic poems can brighten up a gift or a card and give a unique touch, so if you’re looking to something different this year, this is one way to go.

You may be looking for anything from happy birthday poems to romantic birthday poems, with the tips given here, you will always find the most appropriate one.

Get your tone right

birthday love poems, romantic birthday poems, happy birthday poems, romantic birthday ideas, romantic birthday When writing birthday love poems, look for a tone that captures the relationship that you have with your loved one. A poem for a boyfriend, for example, is different from a poem for a spouse of 15 years.

With a boyfriend, you are most likely looking to start life as a married couple whereas with a spouse of 15 years, you are thanking them for being loving, kind and supportive over the years.

The right tone will help you get a clear message across. If you are not sure what kind of tone to take, take a look at my sample poems below.

Throw in some romantic birthday humor

birthday love poems, romantic birthday poems, happy birthday poems, romantic birthday ideas, romantic birthday Traditionally, poems can get emotionally heavy. You are looking at a birthday, and you want to match it with your romantic birthday ideas. Humor is the best way to go.

Make sure though that you select humor that will not embarrass anyone. There are jokes that the 2 of you may share, or that are obviously funny without being offensive. Again, you can find a selection of these online. If your poem will be read before an audience, this becomes particularly important.

Watch out for sensitive areas

If your loved one is sensitive about their age for instance, leave it out of your poem completely. If you think that something is too personal or will give the recipient a bad feeling, then leave it out completely.

Don’t forget to celebrate the birthday

In writing a birthday love poem, it’s easy to find that you have completely left out the “birthday” part and expressed just your love. You want to celebrate the birthday, so it would be worthwhile to dedicate a paragraph of the poem to just the birthday.

If you find yourself struggling with birthday love poems, there are a few ideas below to get you going.

Share Your Romantic Birthday Poems

Do you have a romantic birthday poem to share?

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