My Favourite Birthday Ideas For Him

I admit that I do think birthday ideas for him are much more difficult than women. Why? I don't know.

birthday ideas for him

Maybe it's because I am a women and know exactly what I'd like. I think as men don't wear their heart on their sleeve as much as women, and don't chat half as much, it's more difficult to find out what they'd really like to do.

Don't men always say they don't want a fuss? Well believe me they do really. Not a huge fuss but they definitely appreciate it if you make an effort, it just takes a little planning. Tell me which scenario sounds best?

Scenario 1
Wake up and forget it it's birthday. Rush out to the shops to search for that perfect pressie. Can't quite find what your looking for over compensate by spending far too much on a designer watch you're not sure he'll like. Feel a bit guilty on the way home, so stop off and buy a couple of steaks and a bottle of wine.

Scenario 2
Make sure you buy his gift in plenty of time, wrap it up and make sure there's a big bow on top. Get up early and make him breakfast in bed, or if you don't live together, phone him or send a text wishing happy birthday. Later present him with a home made cake, his favourite of course. Along with a relevant birthday card and a poem written specially for him.

Of course the second one expresses that you care about the birthday ideas for him. You've taken the time, care and attention and made an effort. There for the actual gift is not as important as the way in which it's given and how much you spoil him on the day.

Day off
Take a day off and head out for the day. A meander round the shops, the one's he likes! Lunch out, doesn't need to be expensive. A hot dog at the beach can be as much fun as an expensive slap up meal.

Drive out
Take an evening drive out and try a café or pub restaurant you've not been before. If it's a nice evening pack a picnic and toast his birthday. Take a walk on the beach. We have a lovely beach close by and if it's high tide we can often see dolphins. It's a lovely place to go any time, more so on a special occasion.

Throw a party
This can be anything from a large lavish affair to a small gather of friends. If you can keep it a surprise all the better.

The match
Get a couple of tickets to a match and slip them in his birthday card. Watch his face as he realises where your going. Of course if you can't face it your self you could always suggest he takes a friend.

For a lover
Of course if you're looking for boyfriend birthday ideas be sure to make it romantic. A romantic poem in his card, the envelope sealed with a lipstick kiss. A romantic meal for two. Buy him a selection of small sexy gifts in a 'gift basket' type theme. I see a trip to Ann Summers coming on!

Of course all birthday ideas for men need to be customised to the individual. Use this as a guide and build the day accordingly.


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