Birthday Ideas for Autistic 6 year old

by Emma
(Port moody, bc)

Bubble Party

Bubble Party

We live in Port Moody,BC. Olive is turning 6 on April23. At 22 months she was diagnosed with Autism so every birthday has been physically adventurous so she can "enjoy" the action. I am running out of ideas, we have been to the Granville Island Aventure Zone, the Greater Vancouver Zoo, Gymboree play &music, Maplewood Farms (pony rentals), and Castle Fun Park. Needless to say parties that are craft based don't hold her attention. Place le Cliffhangers start parties at 7years of age. Help! Or we may end up at the school again!


Hi Emma,

thanks for getting in touch. I'll certainly try and help. Here are a couple of birthday ideas for you.

  1. Do you have to have a different party every year? Is there one party that has really stood out that she really enjoyed? Perhaps she'd enjoy doing that again.

  2. What about a balloon party. Hire a venue, if if you've got room you can have it at home. Blow up lots and lots of balloons and play balloon games. A relay race with a balloon between their legs. Keeping the balloon in the air, or a balloon popping game

  3. If balloons and games aren't a good mix, or maybe a little scarey. What about a bubble dance party. Hire a venue and a bubble machine. Play some suitable music it can be loud or quiet, and set off the bubble machine.

    They'll have wonderful fun chasing and popping the bubbles. Of course this party could be held outside too and become a Bubble Picnic Party!

  4. A treasure party. Make a big sandpit and fill with gravel mixed with fake gemstones and chocolate coins. The children will have lots of fun looking for thier treasure. They can exchange their treasure for prizes

  5. I hope this helps a bit. Whatever you decide to do, I'd be delighted if you could come back and share it with us!

    Sophie x

    Photo Courtesy of Jeff Kubina

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