Birthday Dinner Menu

by Angie

Birthday Dinner Menu

Birthday Dinner Menu

In our family the Birthday Dinner Menu has been a long time tradition for every birthday, especially for the adults.

The best Birthday Dinner Menus. ”This book is chock full of the most awesome recipes, fun facts, witty quotes and countless excuses to entertain your friends and family. I love "cook books" that entertain while you're waiting for something to come out of the oven--I had to set timers because I kept getting engrossed in the stories and sidebars. It makes a great hostess gift or present for all the party girls on your list.”

We still do the typical kid's parties for the little ones, but for the grown ups, we have a big family gathering to celebrate the current birthday.

The birthday guy or girl gets to choose the menu and it usually is not anything really fancy. Most often you can count on it being one of my mom's traditional home cooked meals that have become long time favorites.

For my annual birthday dinner menu, I would choose her chicken baked in a mixture of cream of chicken and mushroom soup and butter noodles. Mmmmm!

I know how to make this dinner, of course, but it never tastes quite the same as when my mom makes it.

Sadly, my dear mother went to be with the Lord last year, so birthday dinners aren't quite the same. BUT, we all have these wonderful memories of past birthdays to cherish and remember when each of birthdays roll around.

You don't have to be rich or elaborate to make a birthday special. Sometimes it's the little but meaningful things that really create the best birthday memories.

Chocolate Candy Mall

Sophie Says

My Dear Granny is also departed this earth, but her birthday cokking always left a great memory. Her birthday cakes especially were a delight. Rich chocolate butter icing, sponges with jam and cream I can just about remember every single one of them. Of course each birthday cake had to have the right amount of candles on them, which we always had to blow out with our eyes tightly shut and make a wish.

Gran would always cook our favorite meal on are birthday. My favorite birthday dinner menu was spaghetti bolognaise topped with parmesan cheese. Yum!

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