Best Hiding Places for Birthday Gifts

by Julianna

Best Hiding Places

Best Hiding Places

My brother once spent ages looking for his birthday presents only to find them all under his bed. We still find that really funny!

Being very frugal, my mother would always recycle the gift wrapping paper. So we always had to open the presents with the greatest care, making sure we didn't tear the paper. Then it would be carefully folded and put away for the next birthday. It's not really a birthday tradition, but it sticks in my mind from our childhood.

Best Hiding Places for Birthday Gifts

  1. At the bottom of the washing basket – most kids would never think you'd hide their birthday gifts in the dirty washing!

  2. Which brings me on to number 2 – the Washing Machine or the drier, or even the oven! As long as you're sure no-one will switch the appliance on before the gifts are found. Maybe switch it off at the wall first.

  3. Outside in the car, but don't lock it that would be too cruel.

  4. Do they have a messy room? Of course they do! One of the best hiding places is right where they wouldn't dream of looking. Under that pile of clutter in their bedroom.

  5. If it's a small gift hide it in the fridge, at the bottom of the salad drawer, or even in the freezer.

  6. In the bed. Tuck it into the pillow case or into a duvet cover, or even just under the covers at the bottom of the bed. /li>
  7. Cover them with towels, magazines or a pile of ironing

  8. Try hiding the gifts in the shower or bath

  9. Drawers or cupboards can be best hiding places, especially if you position something in front of them so they really have to look

  10. If you've got long curtains you can hide the birthday gifts behind them

These are some of the best hiding places I could think of. Let me know if you can think of better ones!

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Forbidden room NEW
by: Anonymous

You could put them in a forbidden room, the the toolroom in our house. They'd never think of looking there.

Hiding the gifts. What a great idea
by: Cheryl

This sounds like so much fun. Must have been a lot of anticipation and excitement built up by the time you found the gift and "carefully" opened it! I think I will use this idea for my Grandson's upcoming birthday. What fun! Thanks for sharing this idea.

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