Best Friend Gift ideas????

Best friend gifts

Best friend gifts

My best friend is turning 17 and I don't know what to get her. And I want it to be something unique and cool and I already am getting her a cd with a bunch of our favorite songs and also a picture frame of us ... any more ideas????

It's funny that “Have you got any great best friend gift ideas?” is one that I get asked most! The two gifts you've already chosen for her are already really good best friend gifts. Personal and relevant to you both, well done!

The other idea that I really like is jewelry, or something that actually says 'Best Friend' on it. A necklace makes a lovely gift as would a charm bracelet with a best friend charm.

If your budget would stretch, and she doesn't already have one, you could buy her a camera, so you could capture more great best friend moments.

My best friend lives 400 miles a way :o(, so I always write a letter on her birthday, that's special!

I have written a page on best friend birthday gift ideas here. I hope it helps!


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