Top 10 Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas

Stumped for best friend birthday gift ideas? Be inspired by my own tried-and-tested Top Ten best friend gift ideas. Plus plenty of ideas from readers of this site. I'll help you pick the perfect gift for your best friend...

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best friend necklaces

"I bought this pendant for my best friends birthday. She loves it. A lovely gift with a meaningful inscription"

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My best friend is so special to me - she's been with me through thick and thin, shares my joys and happiness, and supports me when I'm down...

Is your best friend just like that too?

She knows all my secrets (but I know hers, too!)...

So I want to get her something really special as a birthday gift - something that shows how much I care... All year round, but especially on her birthday...

To help you find that extra special something for your best friend's birthday, here's my own Top Ten Ideas for a perfect best friend birthday gift...

These are all best friend birthday gift ideas that my best friend and I have given to one another over the years - so I know that they have all been loved by the recipient...

(We are still best friends after all this time, after all!)

best friend mug

There is no better way to start the day than with a big hug from your 'Best Friend Mug!'.

A wonderful gift for a friend to start each day with.

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Top 10 Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas

(In ascending order - always save the best till last!)

10. For Absent friends

Gift ideas for absent best friends

This is virtually cost free and a very special best friend birthday gift idea, simply pen a long letter.

A great gift idea for absent friends, wouldn't you just love to receive a long newsy letter from your best friend?

I always include a teabag with my letter!

This may sound daft, but I always like to think she takes the time out to sit down with a cup of tea while she reads my letter - in fact I know she does!

Often the best birthday ideas are the simplest, and this one is virtually free!

8. A Slim (Handbag size) Digital Camera

A slim digital camera is a thoughtful gift, that can be put to very good use in the future ( whipping it out to take pics of the two of you, when you're out and about together).

Don't buy anything too complex or expensive. Something robust, compact and stylish. Like the Casio Exilim EX-S500 5MP Digital Camera.

7. The Gift That Keeps on Giving

At number 7 in my top 10 best friend birthday gift ideas, a gift that lasts a whole 12 months. Right up until her next happy birthday - a magazine subscription makes a great gift.

I'm certain you can find a magazine to suit her interests or personality, there's thousands to choose from.

It's a great feeling once a month to find a new magazine on the door mat - and she'll remember that her best friend sent her this so she could take some time out of her busy life to relax, read and enjoy - with a cuppa and a cookie, of course.

6. Digital Photo Frame Keyring

A keyring for a best friends birthday

If your best friend already has a camera, how about a cute little accessory to carry her favorite pictures around.

Try a fun and funky Digital Photo Key Chain

It'll attach neatly to her house or car keys, and stores up to 100 photos.

It saves carrying a large album around when she wants to show off her holiday snaps, or fun pics of your times together.


Pre-load it with a few snaps of you both together for old times sake. It will give her a real giggle when she opens it and sees!

5. Best Friend Birthday Gift Basket

Create your own gift basket as the perfect personal best friend birthday gift ideas. Think about her hobbies - gardening, cooking, does she love dogs?

As an example, for a gardener you could buy a useful planter or pot and fill it with gardening bits and pieces, gloves, a book on container gardening, maybe even some seeds or a plant to start her off.

I guarantee you'll have as much fun thinking of goodies to fill it up, as she will opening it and discovering the treasures you've chosen.

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4. Personalized Chocolate

best friends birthday chocolate ba

Who wouldn't love a chocolate gift?

Make it special by having your personal message written on a chocolate bar. My sister in law got one of these for her birthday...

It's so special she can't bear to eat it!

3. A Personalized Calendar or Diary

This might not at first seem a particularly original best friend birthday gift ideas, but if you personalize it, that makes it something really special.

This can either be done by buying something suitable and writing reminders such as birthdays and notes in it...

Or you can look online and find a company that does personalized photo calendars...

I sent my best friend a special birthday calendar...

I created it with photos that had been taken of both our families.

Us having fun together over the years.

On each relevant date I put in birthday notes... 'Happy Birthday Robert'...

...or 'Only 1 week until summer holidays'!

Another fab gift idea that lasts a whole 12 months!

If you order online you can often start the calendar at whichever month you like, so it doesn't matter if your friend's birthday is in the middle of the year.

2. Canvas or Print

If you have a great photo you know your friend loves, why not have it made into a Photo to Canvas Print.

Find something that'll make her smile every time she sees it hanging on the wall.

1. A Best Friends Birthday Charm Bracelet

best friend birthday gift ideas, best friends birthday gift,  best friend gift ideas, birthday ideas

Number one in my best friend birthday gift ideas...

Buy her a charm bracelet and start off the collection with a sweet 'best friend' charm.

This also gives you a whole heap of best friends birthday gift ideas for the future, adding charms to her bracelet to celebrate events and milestones in her life.

A well deserved winner of my Top 10 best friend birthday gift ideas.

More Ideas to Help Celebrate Your Best Friend's Birthday

What else can you do to make your best friend's birthday extra special?

Can you take her for a day-trip somewhere? Or even just a nice coffee and cake?

Can you offer to do her housework? Or her garden? Or just babysit so she can go out with her husband or her boyfriend?

Thoughtful gifts can be just as precious as something you've bought, even more so, sometimes!

Why not throw her a party? I've got lots of great party ideas on site...

You could phone her up and sing her a song

Send your best friend a personal Happy Birthday message

Send her a Free e-card

Send her one of my fun Free singing birthday cards

Make her a brill birthday cake (even if you can't actually bake!)

Still need help finding the perfect gift?

Create your own easy homemade gifts

Give her a giggle with my best funny birthday gifts

Browse more Top 10 gift ideas lists

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Still stuck?

After all that, surely not!

You can ask me about your birthday dilemmas - or just browse the many reader Q&A's I've already answered for more inspiration...

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