The Best 21st Birthday Gifts, 21st Birthday Ideas.

I firmly believe that the best 21st birthday gifts should be something that will be remembered or kept for a very long time (preferably for ever!)

Memories are usually created by doing something out of the ordinary, out side of the normal comfort zone. Now I'm not suggesting for a minute that you sign up for a bungee jump, unless that floats your boat.

best 21st birthday gifts

But a day trip somewhere different would be memorable. How far could you get in a day? A surprise meet up with family or friends at the chosen location would make a wonderful and memorable gift. A trip to the theatre, coast, balloon ride or other unusual gift experience. The best 21st birthday ideas need a little planning.

I remember a really memorable birthday of my brother's. We caught the train to the coast and all met together there, having a family day out at the beach. We played sumo wrestling on the beach, ate fish and chips and ice cream, followed by a roller coaster ride (that order of events not particularly recommended!).

And talking of roller coasters, a day out at a theme park would make great ideas for a 21st birthday present. A group of friends, the size of the group would be budget dependant!

Popular 21st birthday gift ideas in our family is a car. Not usually an expensive car! My cousin's first car was a VW beetle with a rainbow painted down the side. We went on a 2 week camping trip in that.

Buying tangible gifts for 21st birthday, will be treasured, and is a thoughtful way to make a milestone birthday special. I have to say that many of my birthday's have passed in complete oblivion! The one's I can remember have something 'attached' to them. Either a memory or something I still have (usually jewellery!). The 'Tarzon-o-gram' experience will be forever ingrained in my memory from my 21st birthday! The gold ear rings, the jade pendant given to me by my daughter.

A venture in to my jewellery box is a reminisce into birthdays past. All these gifts given are close to my heart, chosen with thought and given with love. Every time I take them out and wear them I remember the special event on which they were given.

So although you may think of jewellery as a clinched idea. I would think again. Buy the best you can afford. Jewellery really can be the best 21st birthday gifts.

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