ADVICE for my 13th Birthday Party

by Fenia
(Pallini, Athens, Greece)

Well, that's my third party... All of my parties were really nice and the guests had a great time, as they said.

This year, I want to have a big dance party at my garden. I have hired a DJ and we've got much space! I'm sure its going to be a really nice night, but I need your advice on how am I going to make my party better (decoration, food etc..) I'm 13.. !

Hello Fenia,

that's a great start for a 13th birthday party - lots of space and a DJ!

It's a good idea to have a 'theme' for your party, that makes it easier to think of decoration and food ideas etc.

Here are a couple of 13th birthday party ideas for you...

Mexican Party

  1. Food - anything mexican, burritos, chilli, tacos.

  2. non alcoholic cocktails

  3. Decorations - large cactus, pinata's

  4. Fancy dress - large sombero's and ponchos

Read more about Mexican birthday celebrations here

Color Theme

A color theme such as neon green and black, or purple and silver. What ever your favorite colors are. This gives you a great start for decorations. Everything in your party can be color themed, not just the decorations but the tableware, lighting and food. You can even ask people to attend wearing your 'birthday colors'

I hope this helps, let me know how you get on, maybe you could send me a picture!

Sophie :o)

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