advice for great birthday ideas at school

My friends birthday is on Tuesday next week. she'll be celebrating her 18th birthday and I can't think of unique ideas to surprise her. I really wanted that the surprise will be held in our classroom.

Why don't you get the help of your teacher, ask if it's ok for you all to have a bit of time at the end of a lesson to celebrate your friends birthday.

Bake or buy her a cake, and ask one of your other friends to bring it in, candles lit, and you can all sing happy birthday to her and then all share the cake in celebration.

Can you decorate the class room, would you be allowed to do this?

Don't forget a 'class birthday card' too, you can make or buy a big birthday card and ask every-one to sign it with a special message for her 18th birthday. You could also organise a birthday book, everyone in the class can sign a page of the book and write her a birthday poem or just an 18th birthday blessing.

You can at this point give her a gift if you're buying her one, or a bouquet of flowers is a lovely gesture too.

I hope that's given you some ideas, let us know how it goes!


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