A Bestfriend's Cake

by Karen
(Cebu City, Philippines)

A Bestfriend's Cake

A Bestfriend's Cake

I call this 'A Bestfriend's Cake' because it is something that you can just specially make for someone so dear to you without the hassles, something that you can just directly purchase from one of the best doughnuts store in your country and just make someone happy - and yes it is made of doughnuts.

I actually got this idea just one morning on the day of one of my best buddy's birthday. I was so tense on that night before the birthday because I did not have any idea of a birthday surprise for her. I really wanted to make it special for her especially that it was our final year in college, but thanks to dreams, I got the idea.

Hmmmm, it's not the usual cake really with all the icings and fancy decorations, it is just a simple stack of doughnuts. I bought a box of doughnuts from the best doughnut store and 20 candlesticks and some pretzels. I stacked the doughnuts in a circular formation and layered them accordingly, decreasing the number all the way until the last single doughnut at the top.

I made it sure that I chose the best looking and yummiest doughnuts to make it more colorful, more inviting and more special. Then I decorated it simply with pretzel sticks to add more volume to the cake and then, finished it with candlesticks to complete the 'Bestfriend's Cake'.

When I light the candles, everyone oooohed and aaaahed because it really looked good with the flickering lights and they told me that it was really different, though simple but it was something special.

My heart was really jumping up and down at that time because of the compliments but it was nothing compared to how I made someone feel special and happy on her birthday...

What fabulous pictures, your best friend looks so happy. It just goes to show that birthday cake decorating ideas don't have to be mega complicated! - Well done.

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