Seven Great 80th Birthday Party Ideas: 80th Birthday Ideas

If you’re looking for great 80th birthday party ideas for grandma or grandpa, they deserve to have a great time on their 80th birthday, and if it falls on you to make it happen, there’s a lot that you can do to have a fabulous party.

80th birthday party ideas

For the sake of this article, let’s assume its grandma and let’s call her birthday girl. The ideas can go for grandpa too as well; he’ll have just as much fun.

She’s old and sweet and probably spends most of her time just relaxing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give her a party that will rock her world. Here are some things that you can do so that this day will stick in her memory, no matter what else goes:

  1. Birthday girl has lived a long life, and a trip down memory lane would be a perfect way to get her really excited. The only caution here is that you should be careful when you choose memories.

    There are things that have happen in her life that she would rather not be reminded of, so let those lie. Go for the really great stuff.

    Get pictures of when she held her first child or her grandchild, or when she wore that awesome dress to the prom and looked simply great.

    You can make this even more special by making sure that the collection of memories that you put together have sweet little notes with them so that her recollections can be complete. If she cant quite recall, remind her by explaining what it was.

  2. You probably know birthday girl’s favorite music, so what you can do is get a collection of that together. If she was a great dancer, get her to dance and let her have fun – make sure you don’t tire her out though.
  3. 80th birthday party ideas

  4. You can choose a theme that will take her back in time – an antiquish theme of when she was in the prime of her life. To make it even better, get her to wear one of the things that she loved back then and choose makeup to go with it.

    Decorate the room in such a way that anyone walking in will get the feeling that you’re taking a trip down memory lane.

  5. Your birthday girl probably spends most of her time with her friends playing bridge or whatever else. Invite a few of her favorites and make sure that they know the theme so that they come dressed appropriately.

    It will give her a thrill to see herself and all her friends almost transported back to this place they loved when they were younger. They can come along ready to play some of those games as the party goes on.

  6. So that you don’t seem like its all about the olden days, you can introduce a little modern music at some point so that they can have a good blend of the old and the young.

    You need to be careful though, so that you choose 80th birthday party ideas that will not offend her – you know old people find most young things rather silly.

  7. Invite her favourite people in the family and let them know the theme so that they can come dressed appropriately and bearing appropriate gifts.

    Be careful about people who birthday girl may have had a falling out with in the past. Older people are usually much more sensitive and someone who is not wanted can spoil the entire mood of the party.

  8. Lastly, 80 is the number for the day. And make it so that she feels it’s a great age. Let her feel that she is really at a great age and that she still has a lot to live for.

80th birthday party ideas

As I have said, older people can be sensitive and emotional. Try to think through all your 80th birthday party ideas and see if there is anything you may have done that could put a dent in her day.

Remember they tire quickly too, so when its time for her to go and rest, let her.

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