How To Write A Good 70th Birthday Speech

Are you writing a 70th birthday speech for a relative or a friend and wondering just how to put one together that will convey exactly how you feel, make the birthday boy or girl feel great and also have the audience listening?

Its no easy task – you're dealing with so many different sets of people that it can be daunting. Let’s have a look at some of the things that you can do to come up with a great speech.

70th birth spea during an out door party

Analyse your audience

You're catering for 2 different groups here. The person who has a birthday has to feel pleased about your speech, and that’s where analysing them comes into place. If you're writing a speech for someone who loves to crack jokes and hear them, then you have to have humour in there.

Here’s the flip side: what if there are some guests who may be offended by some of the jokes that will be in the speech? What you do is make sure to keep things on an even keel. There are so many different ways to say something, make it funny, and at the same time not offend anyone. Go for that option.

If the birthday girl or boy is more of the quiet, easy-going kind who is not easily tickled, you're going for a different kind of speech here. Talk about life and how much they mean to you without necessarily injecting too much humour in, but at the same time make sure that it’s a speech that won’t bore your audience.

This is also a great time to incorporate 70th birthday poems if you have any, because poetry is usually brief and completely expressive.

Start early

Trying to come up with a 70th birthday speech just hours before the party could mean that you don’t do your best. Give yourself time. Work on it slowly. Take a week if you want, coming up with a bit every day and then reviewing what you already have. It gives you time to ensure that your perspectives are not rushed and that everything that you have in your speech is actually thought through

This also gives you time to make sure that the speech and the 70th birthday card match. You want to keep the same tone and theme to make the party even more beautiful.

Get a 2nd opinion

romantic 70th birthday idea

This could save you a lot of face if there is something wrong with your speech that you have not seen yourself. Second opinions should come from someone who knows the birthday girl or boy very well.

You can ask their spouse, son or daughter for instance, if the 70th birthday speech that you have come up with is appropriate. Remember, this person is turning 70, a time when they may be beginning to feel like they are getting really old. It’s good to know their thoughts as they are now, so that your speech does not do anything to upset them, but rather, will make their day.

Finally, here is something that you can do if you're confident you’ve come up with a good speech. You can turn it into part of the gifts for the birthday boy or girl.

One of many good 70th birthday ideas is to have it made into a scroll, the way they had them in ancient times, and then wrap it. They will have heard the speech before they open the presents, but the fact that they get it in writing, so beautifully crafted, will make them really happy.

You can also have it framed in case you can’t get a scroll. They will see their 70th birthday speech always, and they will be reminded of how much love there was at that party.

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