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A selection of 70th birthday poems for you to use or adapt for that special person's birthday.

70th birthday poems are quite hard to write as there aren't any other words that rhyme exactly with 'seventy'.

So if you're going to write your own birthday poem it's best to not use seventy at the end of the sentence. Or you can just rhyme the last syllable. (be, ly etc).

For example lovely, happily, heavenly, therapy, longevity, melody, hilarity, poetically, dentistry!

Try spelling their name with words ending in ly. Here's one for Grandma Graciously, Rarity, Attentively, Nicely, Devotedly, Merrily, Authentically.

You can write these 70th birthday poems in a card, print them out onto a good quality paper and frame it or have it printed on to a tea cup.

20 Great 70th Birthday poems


The cake is ready
The candle is set
And me and the candle
Are starting to sweat

The guests are coming
I’ve put my teeth in
Now where did I put
That 4th glass of Gin

50 was hard
60 the worst
Now 70 is here
And it’s not worth a curse

There goes the doorbell
They’re finally here
I just can’t wait
The songs, merriment and cheer

I rush down the stairs
At the pace of a snail
I find the Gin glass
Should have used the rail

I’m falling now
I glide through the air
Will I see 71
Not sure-epic fail

The doctors are nice
They say don’t worry
But all of the faces
They’re getting so blurry

It’s not the best birthday
That I’ve ever had
But at least I’m not 80
And for that I am glad

My son hands me cake
They all sing to me
Me and 70
Incomplete harmony…

By Rody Patrick White

70th Birthday Poems for Granddad

I tried to rhyme a word with seventy
And I ended up with my poetry entry
So this is for you
For your heart that stayed true
For the honesty of the man
I always knew

Fought in the war, forever knowing the score
Worked for the railways
Told me tales of those strange days
Sat on my bed or sat on your lap
I couldn’t watch as the stroke; your strength it did sap
But I saw you re-find your ways

And now on your special day
I stand with you at your favourite bar
With your stories of people from afar
I listen like I did when I was nine
For when they made granddads
I’m glad they made you mine

Happy Birthday

70th Birthday Poems by Alexander Hall

Grampa the Ultimate Hockey Fan

Grampa turned 70 May 28
His is full of pride watching his grandson skate
Hockey's his thing, he shares his wisdom
His grandson got a goal and shared the vision
Grampa said buddy do it for me;
Get me a goal or a hat trick; that's three
His grandson complied and shot the puck free
He got grampa his goals and waved his stick for victory
After the game grampa so proud
Thanked his grandson for working hard and snagging some net
His grandson smiled and high fived grampa so loud
He said grampa you have more fun to come yet!

by Darci Paice-Bailey

70 Today!

Seventy Today!
Hip Hip Hooray! We say,
For 70 is just too grand,
Numbers twixt 10s are very bland.

Some may say you're getting old,
But I'm just sure they were never told,
How grand is seventy! bright and bold!

So chuck your dentures in the air!
Never mind your missing hair,
Why not ditch your old knitwear?
Give your family a right old scare,
Show off your hip youthful flair!

For you are seventy today!
Go out, enjoy it, I do say!

by Amanda Suzuki

Seventy is the New Fifty

Seventy still feels OK,
As I get up and greet the day
I can still enjoy a cup of tea
And its all good, just to be me
So to all the world, hear me sing
Being seventy is a good thing

by Marilyn Acton

Happy Birthday my old friend

Happy birthday my old friend
You'll be special to me until the end
Celebrate today and know this is true
My life has been blessed because of you
I wish you the best birthday ever
Ones that so fantastic that it lives in you heart forever
And I want you to know
That wherever you go
I'm always wishing the best for you
Next year you'll be 71
But now your 70.
So may you birthday be the best
just like a bird celebrating in its nest.

by Nilufar

It's Just a Number

70 seems a number large
But that is all it is
For think of the all the things you've done
And that is what is big
Your life so far has been a ride with highs and lows we're sure
But all that matters on this day is our love and heartfelt cheer
Happy Birthday!

By Nicole

I am the Birthday Boy

Three score and ten lit candles – what a blaze
Until asthmatic puffs can quench their fire –
Have scorched the icing, though the cake wins praise,
So, everybody, grab a plate and try her.
And thus, dear friends, I start my eighth decade,
Still dentally unchallenged, still alert,
Though, hobbling down some endless esplanade,
Both knees feel twinges and my pride is hurt
That in the twilight years post-LXX
A walking stick assists my feeble tread;
And as for congress with the fairer sex…
Sleep is my only purpose when in bed.
“Septuagenarian”: now there’s a word
Whose linkage to oneself is best deferred.

by Marvin Rabinovitch


Your decades run,
From one to seven.
Lived with joy,
Straight from Heaven.

By Debbie Christie

The Three Score and One

When I wake in the morning
and see the Sun, I know I've
lived to see the Sun, with
the Silver in my hair, the
Gold in my teeth and Lead
in my pants.
Nothing by heck is keeping
me down.
I know I've lived to see
my three score and one.

by Eunice Bailey

Seventy Young

It's amazing you're seventy
You look really young.
There's lots to explore
And adventures not done.

Set the calendar today
To have plenty of fun.
A cruise you should take
And a race to be run!

The seventy adventure:
To fish in the sun.
A hike through the woods,
Your life's just begun!

Slice the birthday cake
And touch off the cannon.
Show the whole world
That life's not a lemon!

So Happy birthday to you
We know you're a hellion!
Go tackle the world
You're one in a million!

70th Birthday Poems By Mary

All to Me at Seventy

You've lived now for seventy years,
known happiness, known also tears,
but do you know the joy you bring?
To me, my love, you're everything.

by Cathy Bryant

You're 70!

Happy Birthday my dear, you are now seventy!
You've reached the the age of the 21st century.
Well done young lady, you've got lots to tell.
You've taught the young of this century well.
You know much wisdom and you've got lots to say!
Happy Birthday my love and have a wonderful day.

By Tansy

We're not finished yet, here's a few more 70th birthday poems for you...

Savvy At Seventy!

You’re turning Seventy today,
You don’t look your age at all.
You’re the life and soul of any party,
You always have a ball.
I hope you’ll continue your positive ways,
You’re always very upbeat.
You like to keep up with the times,
You use facebook and always tweet!
You are an inspiration to all,
Both young and old.
You treat each minute of every day,
As if it was pure gold.
Wishing you all the best today,
I hope it’s filled with fun.
Then we’ll celebrate again,
When you turn seventy-one!

by Elaine Cremin

Seven Zero Makes A Hero

Congratulations on turning Seven Zero.

You’ve made it far and today you’re a hero.

A birthday is exciting and grand.

Meant to be celebrated across the land.

Turning seventy will only happen once.

Live it up good—don’t be a dunce!

Celebrate your day with friends and family galore.

They want to see you smile and cheer for one more.

by Jill McKellan

70 years old today!

I can't believe it
I am 70 years old today
You definitely don't want it
Don't look like that way

Don't look like some else want you to act that way
Nor do you perform it you keep awfully fit
So remain doing what you’re performing as it's proving a hit
I am 70 years old today!

By Jenny G

Life isn't over

Your one foot is in the grave
some people might say
But we know the truth
you still have your youth

We love you today
and always


by Donna Goller

Happy 70th Birthday

So it’s here at last, with you hale and hearty
Your 70th birthday, so let’s have a party
You can relax and enjoy, for once it seems
Time to take stock and realize your dreams

A new goal for you is to have fun and play
You must “kick up your heels” and make preverbal “hay”
You can “let it all hang out” and reach for your star
Nothing can stop you; you’re sure to go far

So, climb every mountain, sail every sea
For the rest of your life, that’s how it should be
It must be all fun, from this milestone you know
‘Cause there are people to meet and places to go

I’d just like to say, from someone who’s been there
That your life from now on must be full of good cheer
Fond memories will build, for odd times you feel down
Then, you can look back, with laughter not frowns

So, when you reach your goals and realize your dreams
Don’t sit there smug, like the cat that got the cream
Remember all the friends you met along the way,
Because we’ll all still love you, especially today.

by Carol Wills

Seventy, I think

Happy Birthday, my dear
I wish you joy and cheer.
There’s just a small problem, one little thing,
I cannot fathom what number to sing.
You laugh like your twenty, dance like fifteen
Every year, every age, you’re always my queen.
Would you be mad if I asked?
It’s a bit late at this stage,
And as your mother always said
A woman never reveals her age.
You’re seventy, I think, not a few years more
Although you have wisdom and grace galore!
But age doesn’t matter, please allow me to say
You could be seventy or seventeen today.
Don’t ask me my age, I’ve forgotten it too
For I feel so young, when I’m with you.

By Sarah

70th birthday poems to go in a card need to be quite short unless you want writers cramp. I like the following, it's quite in offensive!

Some would say you're old
but I have to disagree
you're the youngest 70
that could possibly ever be.

By Unknown

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Once you've chosen one from these 70th birthday poems, write it neatly in a card, or have it printed and framed.

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