Sensational 70th Birthday Party Ideas

Coming up with 70th birthday party ideas requires a little creativity, after all, the guest of honor has had a lifetime of parties to see and do everything.

70 birthday party ideas

This doesn’t mean you can’t make the party memorable or special as there are many ideas to help make this birthday the one that tops them all.

First Things First

When thinking of 70th birthday ideas you must first take into consideration the birthday person; thinking of the music and food they like along with their personality.

  • Would they enjoy a surprise party or do they hate surprises?
  • Are they a prankster or take life to seriously?
  • Is there a vacation they never took but always dreamed about a specific destination?
All of these factors are going to help you decide what type of 70th birthday party to host.

Recreate Their Youth

70th birthday party ideas If the birthday person is sentimental and always talks about the days of yesterday, a throwback bash might be the 70th birthday party ideas for which you are searching. Someone who is turning 70 now was born in the 1940’s but grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s, during the time of Elvis, Sinatra, and the Twist. You can incorporate any of these into the theme or make them the theme. For an Elvis or Sinatra party, play their music, hang up posters, have an impersonator, and ask guests to dress up like them for a look-a-like contest. For Sinatra, you can also incorporate the Rat Pack for more decoration and music choices.

In regards to the Twist, a popular 50’s dance, you can make the theme a 50’s dance where everyone is wearing poodle skirts and saddle shoes.

All about Them

Of course this party is all about them but to make it extra special try one of these 70th birthday party ideas.

If the guest of honor had a job they really loved, is recently retired, or did something extraordinary with their life, you might want to incorporate their life’s work into the theme of the party. For example, if the birthday person was part of a Nascar pit crew, you might want to have a car or Nascar theme. If they were a teacher, an educational or school theme could be a cute party idea. You can blow up pictures of them on the job, invite old co-workers, or recreate the work environment.

On the flip side, instead of work, you can throw a party based on what they didn’t do but always dreamed about doing, like a vacation to Hawaii, in which case you can have a Luau. If they wanted to go to Australia but never got around to it, an outback theme would be a nice idea. For the 70th birthday invitations, send postcards; for décor, create local scenery; and serve food native to the dream destination.

70th birthday party ideas

For Hawaii, order a volcano cake and for Australia see about having a company come out with a Kangaroo for an hour to make the party over the top. Do the same things for other unvisited locations and try to incorporate something special that is only found in that city or country such as miniature clock towers as favors for a London party or decorate with art work to recreate the Louvre in Paris.

Hopefully these 70th birthday party ideas are enough to get you started on throwing a great event that the guest of honor loves.

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