3 Top Tips for 70th Birthday Party Favors

70th birthday party favors

70th birthday party favors can be tricky to come up with.

What can you give everybody that they will appreciate, and when it comes particularly to 70th birthday party favors, what do all these people really want to get at the party?

Scroll down for 3 really great ideas...

My suggestion is that you take the easy way out, and that does not mean being all cheap about it, but make it so simple that all who are there are able to appreciate the favours.

These favors will need to match with your 70th birthday ideas; you want everything to be in sync. There are many things you can do, and this article will suggest just a few, but don’t let your imagination stop here. You know the person, you know the family, you know the friends and you have the guest list.

Get as creative as you can be before you get started on the 70th birthday speech.

Here are some things that you can do:

  1. Have you ever though about making a family tree, especially starting from the person whose birthday it is? It’s a great idea for 70th birthday party favors. There are so many ways to make family trees so that you can present them as little gifts. One great thing about this is that everyone who is invited gets a glimpse of what the family actually looks like complete.

    If you can get this tree done in any way you like – by professionals or by kids even, so long as its presentable and clear, its one of those things that you can put in everyone’s favor pack that will give them a moment to ponder and of course something to keep.

    Be careful about from where you want to start the tree; if from the birthday girl or boy downwards there is a large family, they are a perfect starting point. If there isn’t, you can go a bit higher.

  2. Another great idea for 70th birthday party ideas is getting little trinkets from when this person was young ad then having them put together into party favors that all can appreciate.

    This, of course will depend on where the person grew up. If at their time, the rave was the baseball series and they loved it, you can get little baseball jackets made of a special year when one of their favourite players was at the top. Make them miniature – it will save you money.

    You may wonder where to get these kinds of things done, but look around. People who do birthday party favors can have the most unexpected surprises among the list of things that they can do for you.

  3. Do you know thumbnails? Most of us know them as they appear in our computers, but there is technology now that can reduce any size of photograph into a thumbnail. It’s a perfect selection for 70th birthday party favors.

    Get all those great photos together, the ones with the person at their best, the high moments of their lives, the crazy family moments, anything that was ever captured on film and then look on the net as to where you can get these made into thumbnails.

    Then look for miniature albums, those that thumbnails can fit it, and have each party favor have one of those in there.

    If you can't find a miniature album, many places sell small photo albums pretty cheap, or even a Photo Key Chain.

    Imagine if you went to a party and got that to take home with you and keep. Wouldn’t that be exciting? That’s what all those guests will feel too.

    For the birthday boy or girl, you can make the photos a bit larger – their sight may not be as sharp as it was back then, and thumbnails may not be the easiest to see. If there are others in the party who are older too, get them bigger sized photos. Nothing like a favor that feels personalized!

Those are only 3 ideas and you can see from them that there is plenty that you can do for 70th birthday party favors. Explore, explore, explore is the secret here. Look at the birthday girl or boy, look at the guest list and then let your mid free to wander. You will be surprised at how much you can come up with.

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