Great Ideas For A 70th Birthday Card, 70th Birthday Poems, 70th Birthday Speech

As you think about a 70th birthday card, there are several things that you ought to take into account, the most sensitive being the age of the birthday “girl” or “boy”.

They are turning 70. They are not over the hill yet. Yes, twilight is approaching, but its only 5pm and it’s not dark yet. Your card must reflect that you acknowledge this – that you know that they have some pep left in them and they can still get up and dance.

Ok, let’s get started on this very special card. It could be for Grandma, Grandma or even mom or dad, but you’ll get plenty of ideas here if you read on.

Remember they are of the baby boomer generation, and then, poetry was big. They communicated a lot of what they felt through poetry.

How about coming up with several 70th birthday poems, choosing the best one, and then writing it on the card? When they open the card, to have them read it aloud? If they can’t, get someone else in the party to do it.

That’s a simple way to convey how you all feel. Make sure that the poem reflects love and affection from all family and friends, but at the same time, make sure that it makes them feel young.

A 70th birthday card should also be as simple as they get, and the best way to go about it is to make one yourself. Get old photos and then find a way of getting a mosaic of them to make the cover of the card. There are professionals who do this if you look on the net.

As you choose the photos, choose the best. Choose those of life at its highest moments, and avoid those that have people who have passed on – it may trigger bad memories.

On the inside of the card, you want to get as many people as you can easily fit in as possible to sign. This way, they will know that it was a collaborated effort, something well thought through and planned for rather than something that was quickly thrown together.

Other than the 70th birthday card, of course you will be having a 70th birthday speech, and you want this to be special too. A speech is best when it’s as heartfelt as can be, and delivered by the right person.

If you have young children whom the older one loves and who can read, these are the best to deliver that speech. It ensures one thing: that as you write it, you keep it simple, heartfelt and short. Remember at 70, they do not want to sit around listening to long speeches. Any child who can read fluently for a couple of paragraphs will do this for you easily.

As you go about making all these birthday preparations, the 70th birthday card, the speech, the cake and all, remember that at that age, most people want to feel that their life has been worth something, and nothing is better for them than to see all their loved ones together celebrating their life.

Invite people who are well known and well loved and who know how to take it easy at a party. Anyone who is going to get drunk and unruly, or throw comments that are off-putting is off the guest list. If you can get someone or some people that the old one loves and hasn’t seen in a while and have them surprise them (calmly), that would be a great addition.

Other than that, you want an easy party. You want to keep a happy but quiet pace through out. Of course there are many people who are turning 70 and still have it in them to go a notch higher than that, so if they can, why not do it for them?

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