The Ideal 60th Birthday Poem, Happy Birthday Poems for a 60th Birthday

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If you're looking for an over the hill 60th birthday poem, I thought this one was pretty funny. Personalized, mounted and framed, they also make lovely 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

60th Happy Birthday Poem

Don't be so sad, Being 60 isn't so bad!
Don't rush to make your will, because you're now Over the Hill.
Take time to smile, You’ve got a while
Before everything goes south, and teeth fall from your mouth.
Happy 60th Birthday to you! Who? (Insert Name) that's who!

These 60th birthday poems can be given as a gift to hang on the wall, or as a table top picture. You could even record your own personal message to go with it!

60th Funny Birthday Poems

Quick! Hit the brakes! Where’d I get all these aches?
Time sure has gone fast, The years have just passed.
Can this be what I fear? 60 is here! (Your personal happy 60th birthday message )

Short and sweet 60th happy birthday poem

Today it is your 60th birthday
though you look so good, it's true,
so I'd like to take this moment
to say 'Happy Birthday' to you....
"Does one feel frisky at 60, Or is it the Whisky?"

Of course the best birthday poems are those that you can come up with your self. There's nothing more special than knowing some-one has taken the time and thought to sit down and pen a poem.

To get some inspiration for your poem, sit down and get some ideas on paper. What are their hobbies, could you indlude this in their poem. The brainstorm all the words that rhyme with sixty.

This is actually quite hard, I only came up with misty or feisty! However it's perfectly ok to rhyme the last part of the word. So you could use achy, boozy, beauty, brainy, gladly, foxie etc. Or you can try finding things to rhyme with the persons name.

60th birthday poem

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