Five Great 60th Birthday Party Ideas

More great 60th birthday party ideas. All parties take a little organising, here's a few ideas to help you along.

This is Your life Party

60th birthday party ideas

This one takes a little organising, and needs to be planned well in advance, but it's well worth the effort and is one of my great 60th birthday party themes.
The idea is an evening of looking back over the 60 years. You will need a host for the evening to compare and ideally several people who are willing to contribute and say a few words. If you can arrange a suprise guest, maybe some-one they haven't seen for a long time all the better.
The easiest way is to get in touch with as many old friends and family as possible and enlist their help with putting together a book of the party girl or boys life.
Gather as many old photo's as you can. See if you can scan these and have them put on a cd to play on the TV or screen during the evening.

1960's Decade Party

More great 60th birthday party ideas. Dig out the tank tops, flairs and lava lamps. Get your hands on an old record player, and flip on some LP's. Good choices for a 1960's party would be The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, The Beach Boys. Combine this with kareoke and you're sure for a memorable party.
Make it fancy dress and guests can come as a 1960's icon, rock star or hippy.

Surprise Party

A surprise party makes for a great 60th birthday idea. You will need to enlist the help of a friend to help you organise it and keep them out of the way whilst the final arrangements are made.
My friend did this for her husband. She planned it about 4 months in advance so that as many people as possible could make arrangements to be there. Around 60 people travelled from all over the country. It was a complete surprise and such a great night.
Becky asked her husbands best friend to help out, and he arranged to take him out for the day so Becky could arrange the decorations, food and drink.
When they arrived back, there were around half a dozen friends already there, which was a surprise in it's self. As the evening went on more and more people arrived from all over, so the surprise lasted most of the night as he never new who was turning up next.

Murder Mystery Party

If they love a good who-done-it, then a murder mystery party is a brilliant way to entertain a small group of guests. The best number of guests for a murder mystery party is 6 – 14.
You would buy a kit which includes everything you need to host the party. Guests are normally allocated a character on invite and are asked to come dressed as that person.
The theme gets every-one involved and is great fun. It avoids that 'standing around not knowing what to do' syndrome!

Vicars and Tarts Party

This is a classic party them. People come dressed as vicars (or nuns) and tarts. The hilarity unfolds as every one turns up in their costumes.
Other variations on this theme is 'MP's and tarts' or 'tramps and tarts'

Great 60th Birthday Party Ideas

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