Priceless 60th Birthday Invitations and other 60th Birthday Ideas

Of course if your having a 60th party, the first thing you will need are 60th birthday invitations. Here's a good selection for any. 60th birthday party ideas.

60th birthday humor can be a little morbid, so unless your going all out for an “Over the Hill” theme you might want something a bit more generic. Card in the shape of the numbers '60'. I like the invitation that says 'Look Who's 60? on the front.

Your 60th birthday invitations should ideally be sent about 4-6 weeks before the party, if you send them out too late, people may have made prior arrangements for the day.

Most prebought invitations such as the one's above have their own wording inside. But if you're think up your own birthday invitation ideas you may need some invitation birthday ideas.

Don't forget to say where the party is, the date and what time to be there. Your guests will need to know who to when. Don't forget to include your contact details.If you're having a theme for the party you'll need to put mention it on the invitations. Fancy dress themes could include 'jungle', 'filmstars', '60's popstars.

A work colleague is going to his brothers birthday party this weekend. Apparently his brother used to sport a rather dodgy moustache, so all the guests have been asked to come wearing a false moustache! Is there an amusing anecdote that you could incorporate into the theme of the party?

It's also be really funny if every-one was asked to come dressed like the host.

Here's some quotes and birthday ideas.

  • Use a childhood picture of the host on the front of the invitation
  • Quote “ You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake”
  • Quote “The older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune.”
  • Join Jim on his 60th birthday
  • Dance with Deirdre for her big 60-OH
  • Party with Peter for his 60th birthday celebration

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