Great 60th Birthday Ideas, 60th Birthday Party Ideas

Here's some of the 60th birthday ideas I Had for my Mum's special day. Although she wasn't retiring and nothing would actually be any different, it's still a milestone isn't it?

The first thing I had to get down on paper was some 60th birthday present ideas. She's just had her garden landscaped and spends a lot of time enjoying it. So my list was definitely garden orientated! Here were some of my ideas...

60th birthday ideas

A garden bench or swing
A shrub or plant
A garden gift basket
A garden ornament

I remembered reading an article about a guy who does chainsaw carvings and recall my Mum admiring the photo's. So I went to see him, and was completely blown away by his creations. He showed me a new idea that he'd just had, making a planter out of a large log with an bear climbing out of it. It was perfect and I commissioned a planter with a badger climbing from it. It turned out just perfect , totally unique, and my mum adores it.

To give you some 60th birthday gift ideas, here are some other things she received.

60th birthday ideas

  • A gorgeous hand made pendant, it's part of a range by Orkney jewellery designer Sheila Fleet
  • A new laptop
  • A set of Italian pasta bowls
  • Magazine subscription
  • Plants for the garden (no idea what but they looked pretty and she liked them!)

We discussed a few 60th birthday party ideas. But Mum didn't really want much of a fuss so we arranged a girly night out with some friends. We went to the theatre to see 'When Harry Met Sally', after a lovely set menu dinner at the theatre.

After toying with some

60th birthday cake ideas I decided to make some cupcakes instead of a cake. Just 6 on a plate, 1 for every-one.

Actually now Mum's birthday has passed, I've remembered that when I was an Italy earlier in the year I bought some authentic flavoured oils and coloured pasta as the base for an Italian Gift Basket, and guess what? It's still in the cupboard, I completely forgot about it until I started writing this! I'll have to think of some-one else who likes Italian food before the use by date!

Here are some other 60th birthday ideas

Hire a classic car and take a trip to the theatre to see a play or musical

Hold a This is Your Life'. Invite old friends, family and colleagues for a night of memories, with a slide show or Power Point presentation

A boat trip on a river, lake or loch. This could be a short day trip or an evening dinner cruise

A 1950's or 1960's hamper

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