Memorable 5th Birthday Party Ideas.

What a huge range of 5th birthday party ideas there are to celebrate your son or daughters memorable day.

The 5th birthday is a big one because your child is old enough to remember and enjoy the festivities, and they are big enough to participate in more activities so this party is really all about them.

They are more hands on in picking out the theme, the decorations, helping with the 5th birthday cake, and deciding what games to play.

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Boys Birthday Party Ideas

If your little boy is undecided about what to do for his upcoming event you can help him with some of these 5th birthday party ideas. To start, how about a Circus Party with your own colorful, printed invitations, a clown, balloon animals, and maybe even a couple of real circus creatures?

circus party theme idea for a 5th birthda

Mom and dad, you might dress up as the ringleaders, and your little guy as the star circus performer. Add a ticket booth, a popcorn cart, and face painting for an authentic big top experience as well as some simple yet entertaining games such as ring toss.

At this age most boys are into super heroes, cartoons, dinosaurs, or cars so having a party that features their favorite activity or character are some other ideas that tend to be successful.

Girl Birthday Ideas

5 year old girl at a princess party - cute

As the saying goes, girls just want to have fun and with these 5th birthday party ideas they do just that.

By the age of five, you’ve probably already had a princess party, maybe even two, so how about a Fairy Party birthday theme instead?

All the girls can dress up, which they love to do anyway, and pretend to be some of high society’s most sophisticated adults.

Sandwiches, such as grilled cheese or peanut butter and jelly, can be cut into different shapes with cookie cutters and in place of tea, the tea pot may be filled with chocolate milk or fruit punch.

Some of the games for this party could include pin the wings on the fairy, digging for fairies gold, and painting a bird feeder. If your little angel is less girly and more on the tough side, a rock star party could be a cool party idea as well as a cowgirl show down.

If you’re like most parents, the thought of having a group of five year olds in your home is frightening. The noise, the mess, the possibility of stains or something breaking, or the scratches to your original hard wood floors completely overwhelms you so taking the party away from the house is your top priority.

But where can you go? One fun 5th birthday party ideas is the local bowling alley, which tends to be a big hit and has reasonable rates. Most of the time the rate includes the food and decorations, as well as the cake, so you have nothing to worry about except for the invitations and favors. This is a great idea because it allows boys and girls to have fun, keeps them entertained, and typically lasts for just two hours.

While it’s nice to share your child’s special day with everyone, sometimes you might just want some good old fashioned quality, family time. In addition to the big party, some family 5th birthday party ideas could include a picnic in the park, a trip to the zoo,a night in a hotel that has a swimming pool and free breakfast.

This sounds silly but sometimes kids aren’t as picky as you think and they don’t need all the frills and extra attention. Most of the time just being with you is enough and knowing you are at their birthday party means more than having all their friends and cousins and uncles and aunts.

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