Unique 50th Birthday Gift Ideas, Ideas for 50th Birthday Present

Often the best 50th birthday gift ideas are often the most unique. So here I've put together some of the best 50th birthday gift ideas that I'm sure you won't have thought of!

Although the gifts might be a little unusual, I've picked things that'll be appreciated and useful, and not in the back of the wardrobe by next week.

50th birthday present ideas

At the age of 50, perhaps the brood are flying the nest, and maybe it's time for another brood, much more low maintenance this time – chickens! Just a couple of chickens will keep them in eggs daily. Of course you'd been buying female chickens as a gift so there would be no cock-a-doodle-do a the crack of dawn.

With hopefully a little more time on their hands now, would they like to learn a foreign language? I've been learning Spanish on by daily commute. It's amazing what sticks after a while. I even managed pretty well last time we were on holiday. The gift of talk could be a life changing experience! All language courses are available to buy as a CD, and of course they can easily be downloaded on to an MP3 player or iPod.

50th birthday present ideas

Do you think they'd remember these retro telephones? Wouldn't they make a great gift. It's a crime to think of all the one's that were probably thrown in the bin after the 1970's. But don't you agree they are just so cool? These are brand new remakes from the original BT moulds. Despite the strange haircuts and dodgy fashion of the 70's, the phones were just amazing. Give them a big chunk of nostalgia with one of these retro-telephones.

Of course if they are an animal lover, this can give you a whole raft of creative gift ideas. For example if they have a beloved pet, why not arrange for a pet photo shoot. I know my Mum would adore this, she already has more photo's of her dog than the rest of the family put together. mind you, he is very cute! If they don't have a pet, then how about adopting one, anything from an orang-utan to a tiger. From a dolphin to a donkey.

OK, so they might not be old enough to remember them well, but a day out on a steam train is a wonderfully special experience. Many places now do steam train packages, which includes dinner. Of course if you can't find tickets for a steam train experience, maybe a river cruise might be one of your great 50th birthday gift ideas.

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