Great 50th Birthday Cake Designs:50th Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas

Your going need to need to consider some great 50th birthday cake designs for your birthday center piece.

I don't know about you but I love making a birthday cake. There's something so personal about it, and I'm 100 confident that a home made birthday cake is ALWAYS remembered and appreciated over a shop bought one, no matter how it turns out!

I've found some lovely 50th birthday cake ideas for you

The idea of using Number or Alphabet Cake Pans really appeals. You've got a very personailsed and proffesional looking cake from the start.

These types of cake generally don't need a lot of detailed icing to look great.

Although of course if you're dab hand at cake decorating you can really go to town!

I love this simple design for a man. Plain white fondant icing with a personal message or name.

Using Fondant Cut Outs you can simply roll out the fondant and press out any message, birthday wish or number you like.

Alternatively you can trace your numbers onto the rolled out fondant and cut them out with a steady hand.

This particularly pretty 50th birthday cake designs is again a very basic birthday cake to make.

Covered with white fondant icing the cake has been decorated with Sugar Flowers, ribbon and an attractive cake topper.

I like the way a generic cake topper has been put together with the numbers 50th.

Again Fondant Cut Outs can be used to decorate with any message you like.

Pink, you can never have enough pink can you!

A standard square cake has been decorated to look like a 50th birthday present.

The 50 numbers and ribbon have been made from fondant.

You could just use flower arrangers ribbon, or even recycle some ribbon off a box of chocolates.

If you're still looking for 50th birthday cake ideas try THE Birthday Cake Book, Dede Wilson has created 75 recipes for special cakes that will make your celebration a memorable one.

The book begins with a set of master batter and frosting recipes that can be mixed and matched and used as the basis for fun, inspired cakes like Confetti 'n' Sprinkles Cake, Teeny-Tiny Chocolate-Orange Birthday Cake, Grand Golden 50th Birthday Cake, and the Banana Split Cake.

With this book, anyone can bake and decorate cakes like a pro at home!

50th Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas

Number Cake Pans

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