The best 40th birthday present ideas are often the most original! 40th Birthday Ideas

The best 40th birthday present ideas are often the most original! So here's a list of the weirdest and wackiest 40th birthday present ideas I could think of!
Of course they are still useful, I won't insult you with a list of useless 40th birthday gift ideas that won't be appreciated.

40th birthday present ideas

Chickens The gift that keeps on giving. Who wouldn't want a couple of chickens pecking around at the bottom of the garden, depositing freshly laid eggs every morning. I know I would. Make sure you only buy female chickens otherwise you'll be woken with a loud cock-a-doodle-do every morning. That wouldn't impress the neighbours too much! 2 chickens will provide 10-12 eggs a week.

On a similar theme and supplied by the same company, how about a beehive. A never ending supply of their very own unique, fresh honey. Obviously you can't wrap up a swarm of bee's. So how about introducing the 40th birthday gift with a book on bee keeping.

How often have they said, "I wish I could speak a language." Have they got any foreign holidays coming up, or is there a country that they love to visit. A language course makes great 40th birthday gift ideas. If they do a lot of driving then it's the perfect way to fill the time and learn a new skill. Off course the language course can also be loaded onto an iPod or MP3 player. What greater gift than the gift of language?

There's something about reaching 40 that makes people do random things. A couple of my friends have dissappeared off and come back with a tattoo. Not for the faint hearted a tattoo makes a great gift. Obviously you'd need to get a gift certificate from a reputable tattoo shop. Then they can enjoy choosing or creating a great custom design, sit back and grit their teeth!

40th birthday present ideas

I don't know what it is about these retro phones, but I love them. I think it's the nostalgia, remembering childhood, the clunky click, the finger twirling dial. I don't know any-one my age (40's!) who wouldn't be delighted with a retro phone. The 70's were famous for some fairly questionable fashion and terrible hair cuts, but the phones were legendary. (please can I have one for my 42nd some-one!)

If like me they missed out on the festivals of the 70's, 80's and so on. What better time to find out what they've been missing out on. Buy them a festival pack and tickets to a festival. The bigger festivals are quite expensive, however many smaller local festivals are much cheaper and in many instances better!

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