Need Cute or Downright Wacky 40th Birthday Party Suggestions?

40th birthday party suggestions

40th birthday party suggestions range from sentimental to humorous to downright wacky. Forty is that age where an individual is considered to have arrived at middle age.

What better way to celebrate such a momentous event than planning a 40th birthday party for the lucky birthday man or woman? Make it fun and a little bit outrageous and the celebrant, and he or she will forget all about turning 40.

To create a nifty 40th birthday party, you will need to think about theme, decorations, cake, party favors and activities. It sounds like a lot but once the theme is chosen, the rest will fall into place with a little internet searching and planning.

40th Birthday Party Suggestions for Themes

Ideas for themes, some of which might be a bit wacky, include:

  • The person's hobby or passion
  • A "this is your life" type party where the individual's life is related through people, pictures and videos
  • Music, fads or clothes from the 1970's or 1980's
  • Casino night, complete with blackjack, keno, poker and even slot machines
  • A surprise party with a circus theme--hire a real clown to jump out of the closet and yell "Surprise!"
  • Revolve around animals for the animal lover—can even be turned into a fund raiser for your local animal shelter

40th birthday party suggestions

You can also find 40th birthday party suggestions by browsing online birthday party supply sites which advertise a diverse variety of decorations such as:

  • centerpieces
  • champagne glasses
  • banners and balloons
  • top hats and canes
  • inflatables
  • lights
  • necklace beads
  • confetti

Throwing a Humorous 40th Birthday Party

Looking for 40th birthday party suggestions that are just plain funny? Then plan your party around gags--gag gifts, sight gags and gag activities which will keep everybody in stitches all night. You can either give the real presents first or have everyone give the guy or gal a hilarious gag gift right away to get things off to an entertaining start. Some 40th birthday party ideas for gag gifts include:

  • hair growth products
  • denture cream
  • reading glasses
  • bottle of prune juice
  • package of Depends
  • walking cane
  • set of fake dentures
  • tube of Ben-gay
  • support hose
  • remote control with huge buttons
  • fake Viagra pill (for men only!)

40th birthday party suggestionsYou can also play 40th birthday party games that suggest "old age" such as:

  • Old People's Race - divide guests into teams and race each other using wheelchairs or walkers. This would be suitable if you have an outdoor barbecue-type party and have plenty of room to race.
  • Scavenger Hunt - create a scavenger hunt using items like fake dentures, empty prescription bottles, packets of instant oatmeal or packages of mothballs
  • Who Has Arthritis? - have partners stand back to back and place an egg between them. The trick is to lower the egg into a bucket without breaking it.
  • Pin the Toupee on the Bald Guy - a hilarious variation on the tradition "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" game. Use a real toupee and make the bald guy from stiff cardboard.

Places to Have a 40th Birthday Party

Locations such as an amusement park, campgrounds, casinos, the neighborhood bar and grill or even renting a houseboat for an evening on the lake might be good places to throw a birthday party.

Unusual suggestions for having a 40th birthday party might be staying overnight at a famously haunted house (if it’s close to Halloween), going spelunking (cave exploring) or getting a group together to go to a stand-up comedy club.

Try to think outside the box when deciding which 40th birthday party suggestions to take, whether you find them on the internet or ask advice from friends and family members. Make it a 40th birthday party the honoree will happily remember.

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