Brilliant 40th Birthday Party Ideas, 40th Birthday Ideas,

Pick the best 40th birthday party ideas for your special day. You want to make sure the day is remembered for the rest of your life, so make it memorable.

Colour theme your party. What's your favourite colour? Mines purple, and I would be making sure all my decorations were purple. Purple lights, purple balloons. You could ask all your guests to come wearing purple. Another colour theme I heard that sounded fun was 'Rubiks Cube'. Every-one turns up in Rubik Cube colours!

40th birthday party ideas

Another groovy colour them is dark red with a theme of 'shimmer'. Fairy lights and flickering tea lights decorating the venue. With all the trimmings and decorations in a sexy dark red.

Consider livening up the 40th birthday ideas with some entertainment. Such as a masseur, tarot card reader or a fire eater. Personally I think the tarot card reader would be fun.

Celebrating the seasons, makes an unusual theme for a party. Decorate a winter party with white and sparkles. Snowmen and icicles. A summer party can be bright yellow, with palm trees and cocktails. (of course, you could hold your summer party in midwinter to warm up the mood!)

Surprise party. Obviously you can't organise this your self, but if you're planning a party for some-one else, why not make it a surprise? You'll probably need to enlist some help in the organising. And ensuring the surprise remains a surprise.

Hire a boat. A boat makes a great party venue. A river or harbour cruise. An evening dinner cruise is another idea for a smaller group of people.

Murder Mystery Party. Buy a murder mystery party kit. Invitations are sent out in advance telling every-one what character they should come as. They're great fun, I've only been to one and it was hilarious, we all had such a great night.

Hold a charity auction. If you want to put the night of your party to good use, along with having a good time, pick your favourite cause. Ask local businesses to donate some prizes for charity. Instead of 40th birthday gift ideas, ask all the guests to donate something towards the charity auction. This could be something they've bought or a gift of time or skill.

Casino or Race Party. Find a local company to host a casino or race night. They will take care of all the arrangements and props. They will organise the evenings entertainment ensuring your party is a night to remember.

Ask as many old school pals as you can trace and hold a school reunion, including a fancy dress theme and plenty of 1980's music.

Don't forget to buy a book for guests to write in. Leave it out at the party and encourage guests to write birthday wishes or there best memory.

Other themed 40th birthday party ideas

Mexican Party

40th birthday party ideas

Toga Party

Tribute Party hire a tribute band from the 1970's or 1980's.

'Remember'. Ask all the guests to write down their favourite memory of the host. These can be read out during the evening or put in a book for later.

1980's everything from the 1980's, music, clothes, etc

Abba night

Star-trek or Star-wars fancy dress theme. I'll never forget my Gran coming to my Mum's 40th party dressed as R2D2 from Star-Wars, with the imaginative use of a silver laundry basket and an emergency blanket!

The year you were born. theme the party around the year you were born. For example 1970 remembers 'Let it be' by the beatles, The Jackson Five, M.A.S.H.

Cross dress all the men have to come as women and the women as men!

40th birthday party ideas

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