My 40th Birthday Ideas

My 40th birthday ideas took a swift turn when I unexpectedly moved 400 miles a few months before my birthday.

40th birthday idea

All my 40th birthday celebration ideas became redundant.

A weekend away with friends, School reunion party, romantic weekend away, parties were no longer possible.

Becoming billy no mates over night by moving to the other end of the country really put paid by 40th birthday ideas! But I still had my family, so what did I do...

My Mum, after rejecting most of my random 40th birthday celebration ideas came up with a great plan for us all going to a local pottery.

It was a pottery where you choose an item, then you can paint and decorate it and they fire it, before you return home to give it pride of place on your mantle piece (or kitchen cupboard!)

So we all piled into the car on the day of my birthday and enjoyed the beautiful Scottish highland drive to Grantown-on-Spey. The pottery sold items ready to be painted, such as plates, cups, vases, jugs, piggy banks.

The idea is you use their paints, pens, glitter stuff with a great dollop of your own imagination to create a unique work of art.

A few days later I became the proud owner of a hot chocolate mug painted by my daughter with “Turning 40 is like hot chocolate x” carefully painted on the front.

I know it doesn't make much sense, but I love the randomness, and I can be sure it's completely unique!

My Mum and brother painted me very beautiful matching purple and silver jugs (my favourite colours!) With '40' and the date. And my son painted a tea bag holder bright red with a big love heart and kiss on it.

Dear hubby eventually gave it up as bad job and bought me a beautiful celtic ring instead! Definitely from the heart! All these

All these

I still treasure, and are a wonderful reminder of my 40th birthday.

I have to say, despite being hours from my friends, they all remembered, sending me a wonderful collection of 40th birthday wishes and cards with funny 40th birthday sayings, some better than others!

And of course the birthday would not have been complete with out 40th birthday cakes.

40th birthday cake designs

I say cakes as I was presented with a large chocolate birthday gataux, all decorated with a 40th theme.

It was lovely and didn't last very long at all!

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So although I never did get to write those 40th birthday party invitations and celebrate with the party I always expected, I had a wonderful time, made special by my family.

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